Does having a quiet weekend make me old?

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Yes, there is nothing better that watching a football game, surfing the net, playing with yarn, and drinking champagne all in one shot! Tonight the Denver Broncos hosted the New England Patriots and unfortunately for Rich, the Pats were not doing well. However, I was happy to see that Andre Davis did have a great catch. Let’s hear it for the Hokie!! And considering that John Engelberger is with the Broncos, good job John!

Throughout all the yells and the shouts, I managed to learn the magic loop technique while working on Simon’s hat. I was having issues with the huge length of time it was taking to finish it, and since I have the Plymouth bamboo circular kit, I swiftly replaced the dpns with a 40-inch corded set. Within minutes after transferring to the long circular I was in business and quickly knitting away so I can get as many rows done as possible.

Meanwhile… On
Amy Singer’s Knitty blog, I re-discovered her neat entry about those “bad weather” Blundstones‘ muck boots I would like to get, but know NOTHING about. So of course I had to do some reading, and found some that would be great for play (382) and work (342). Hmmm… Choices, choices.

Now on to finish watching the movie Underworld before bed. For some reason, I find the “human turned werewolf” character Michael interesting. Kate’s and Scott’s characters looked so great together. I am so glad that he is in the upcoming Underworld Evolution sequel and am looking forward to seeing it. =:8

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  1. I was very excited to see the Underworld Evolutions preview the other week, my sister and I are fantatics of the first movie and will be there front and center for the second–I’m just glad everyone is returning.

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