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An Uncommon White

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The next wine meet up at Mary Elizabeth and Dan H’s offered a new twist: a white wine that did not contain chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, or pinot grigio. Not wanting to bring a predictable Riesling, Gewurztraminer, or Viognier, I went back to Bridgetown Meats and Catering to ask Larry. He suggested an Argentinian wine with pear and apricot overtones. Unfortunately, though I can envision the label, I cannot remember the actual name of the wine. It is the blue-necked bottle in the photo. I remember the first few letters that make me think “Constantine” but I know I am incorrect.

Intrigued from Larry’s description, I set out again to whip up something in the kitchen to match the wine. In my head I was thinking of using cornmeal to make a wine biscuit that had more tooth than the typical ones I have tried. I was able to create a crispy biscuit that incorporated a light flavor of garlic, oregano, and basil. Paired with two types of scoopable Mediterranean salads, and I had another winning ensemble. Hopefully I will have that recipe written up for everybunny to try soon.

The home of the Mary Elizabeth and Dan had a stunning collection of signed prints of both Charlie and Eileen Harper. To complement the art was a lush garden chock full of various flowers and fauna. Dan took those of us interested in model railroading down to his basement to see his beloved work in progress: an HO layout. He had the back scenery finished, and was working on the foamboard base for his Homosote railbeds. It is a guesstimate, but in looking at his timeline and architectural drawings, he could have everything running in a year. I cannot wait to see it at the next stage of completion!
Back gate leading to Charlie and Eileen Harper's home
All of us soon took a break in our conversations, and walked out the back wooden gate onto the driveway to Charlie and Eileen Harper’s home. This mid-century modern contained various eras of their lives. Peaking inside the windows along with everyone else, I was pleased to see a spinning wheel and loom with WIPs on them, as if Eileen just took a break. I felt that fibery connection that crafters like myself know — a familyhood (remember, men knit and crochet too!).
Wine bottle tree at Mary Elizabeth and Dan's home
Not to distract everybunny, but I could not help but walk around and photograph the various sections of the beautiful garden’s greenery. In fact all but one of the photos centers on the garden while I walked through it. Hope you enjoy them! =:8
Uncommon White Wines to Taste

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  1. Looks like a grand time. There’s an HO model train track in my parents’ basement. I bet Dad could get it up and running in a few months if he ever worked on it. 😉

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