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Falling into Thanks

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When I moved back to Virginia just a smidgen over two years ago, I began writing about “making eggs” because I was inspired by the movie “Runaway Bride” in which the lead character had never realized how she liked eating eggs. Instead, she had always chosen whatever preparation her fiances preferred. (Sorry for those who have seen/heard/read all of this before!) For myself, I needed to know what truly made me happy, and in those two years I discovered not only what did, but also what did not. I also discovered that I let myself be miserable in order to “keep the peace” and found ways to cope with that misery. Granted, my yarn stash and online friendships would not have grown so much if that misery did not exist, but it would have been wonderful to have been without that induced stress.

Spice jars in Kristin's Kitchen

While I reflected on this past Thanksgiving weekend, I am grateful to the people who have come into my life, even the ones that negatively affected it. Without such spicy relationships, I would have never started the journey to better myself and be happy. From my astonished heart, I thank each and every one of you who posted birthday wishes on my Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Google Plus. Since my 39th birthday, I promised myself that I will never be alone for my birthday, and you helped to ensure that I was not.

From Kristin's enclosed porch

As promised in my last post, I will cheerfully and “hoppily” write about one of the positive influences of my life — my visit to Kristin Nicholas‘ farm. Every time I come to both Kristin’s and Anna’s homesteads, I feel like I am at peace with the world — just like when I come home.

Looking outside to the pasture

I know that I have written about Kristin’s fabulous home before in a previous KniTalk post, but this time I have some really cool photos from my two-day stay with her in addition to the awesome memories. Here is where I took some photos that made me think, “Kristin lives here.”

Salad in a beautifully carved wooden bowl

During my visit, I learned how to steek a sweater and create a fair isle design. We dined on Leyden Glen Farm lamb (of course!) and I met the lads, Archie and Winston. I also saw the remake of the “Footloose” movie with Kristin and Julia. I had not been to a movie theater in ages except to see “Hop” last April. We had so much fun! To see my steeking in action, feel free to click the photo below…

Click here to see the video of the cutting

Kristin has a “Can do” attitude that makes her an awesome cheerleader and teacher. During the entire time I did my first steek, my nervousness disappeared at her assurance that the sweater would be fine. All in all, I ended up removing 8 inches (four from each side) total. And I happily share that the oversized pullover I had brought is now a properly fitted cardigan.

Measuring before steeking

Now if I can get the sleeves knitted quickly enough, I will have something to show off for NaKniSweMo! Will I make it in time? =:8

Steeks cut!

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