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As summer begins its closing steps, fiber enthusiasts everywhere in the northern hemisphere are anticipating the upcoming autumn and winter seasons. The colder temperatures mean handknit (that word applies to crocheted and woven items too!) garments and accessories need to be worn and made. The winter solstice is fast approaching with gift-giving holiday times. And the new year is just about four months away. The smart crafters who began their gift-making in July are giant steps ahead. Many others like myself are mostly making lists and perusing patterns while seeing what yarns in our stash will be used. Another smart idea is to take current WIPs (works in progress) and turn them into FOs (finished objects) so that startitis (the crafter’s tendency to start something without finishing a current WIP) can be kept at bay.

Bacon and Yarn bag from Kate Lemmers
Bacon and Yarn bag from Kate Lemmers
Kate Lemmers has embraced her WIPs and created a series “Throw Back Thursdays” on her blog. Since her announcement of “TBT” last week, she has discovered 30 WIPs that will be addressed in one of 3 ways:

    1. Save it for Someday
    2. Rip It and Recycle into something new
    3. Give it way

I have known Kate for a few years and have worked with her professionally for the past two. I helped her set up her website, and seeing her crafty talents always amazes me. What she plans on doing with these 30 WIPs is something that crafters might often ignore. If you join in her quest of throwing back her WIPs, you will see she also has cool prizes to give away. And I *know* she gives out cool prizes — pictured here is the most awesome bag she made me. Yes, it is lined with BACON fabric!

Coachella for Ceal
Coachella for Ceal
I do have my own personal rule about WIPs, in that I must finish at least one before casting on a new project. However I still have lots of UFOs (unfinished objects) which need to be flipped back into WIPs, which in turn need to become FOs. Triumphantly, one FO will be presented Friday to its recipient and both of us are delighted at its outcome. (Of course that FO began in March of this year while older WIPs have been piled high and forgotten.)

SlytherBun with Some Pals
SlytherBun with Some Pals

Meanwhile, Saturday marks SlytherBun’s 12th week into this world. We will celebrate it by driving down to Virginia Beach to have lunch with my parents. Add another week or so, and her 3-month anniversary will be on our family’s celebration list. She is growing so quickly! I only hope that we have enough time to use the sound advice being given to us. =:8

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