WIP and Bunny Rabbit update

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The baby sweaters and Namaste are coming along. I still need to sew up Andrea’s kimono, and I have to bind off the back of Simon’s cardigan and begin the rest of the pieces. I am not sure if I like how the kimono is setting, but I think blocking with help it lay correctly. You might understand what I am describing by clicking on the image for a closer view.

Rasha’s Namaste has 2 skeins of FDK knitted up and 6 feet of i-cord made of Galway. I was hoping to have the yoga bag done this week, but I had forgotten it in my desk drawer at work. That is when I began Simon’s cardigan in the evenings. Since I know that Namaste’s recipient does not read my blog, or blogs in general, I am happily posting what I have accomplished so far. Please click on the image to see the close-up of the cabling.

I do like the pattern because of its steady and simple ease of memorizing, but I tweaked it so I will have minimal sewing. Already I am thinking of re-creating it as a wine bottle bag for gifting, or maybe a ball holder for tennis players. (Sigh) My wandering mind never ceases!

On the bunny front, Livia has proven to be quite a climber! She has no fear of climbing up on chairs, boxes, or anything that will allow her access to get whatever she wants. Unfortunately, I had left our tea chest on one of the chairs that she was on. And yes, there is now a nice 3/4-inch bunny bite on the edge of it!
Getting Caesar and Livia to bond however, is a slow process. We have been setting them up on supervised “dinner dates” for about 15-20 minutes, and separated them when any inkling of trouble appears. The worst has been when one nips the other, then the other nips back, and so the circle continues until I break up the argument. Here is Caesar giving me the eye so I will feed him more hay and treats…

On the Jessica and Zydeco side of the living room, Jessi is still “Daddy’s little girl” and Zy is now answering to my new name for him: P.O.E. The anagram stands for “Pissed off Ewok” because every time I take photos of him, he looks cute but angry. This morning, he had stretched out his chubby body on the floor after finishing his breakfast. I noticed that he had the hiccups. Poor little man! While I was yelling to Rich upstairs to come down and see this very rare sight, I must have scared them out of him. He ran into his corner and glared at me. Btw, make sure you click on Zy’s picture to see what was accidentally stuck on him. Yes, I am a mean mommy for making fun of my bunnies. =:8

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  1. That sweater is adorable!
    Give those bunnies a snuggle from me, they look like they need it. Or is it I need it from them-so cute!

  2. Rasha is going to love the bag!

    I see what you mean about the baby sweater. Wonder why it’s doing that. Hopefully blocking it will help. What are you going to do for the ties?

  3. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me a happy birthday! That was so sweet. I didn’t even know you read my blog.

    Yarn from your stash…. hm……sounds tempting. No, I wouldn’t want to be “asking” for a birthday present. Just doesn’t sound right.

    Anyways, keep coming back.

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