Holy Smokes — Merry Christmas!!

Posted on 25, December 2007 by

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I have been contemplating several ideas as of late for blog post entries. To my dismay, when I opened up my Dashboard to write my thoughts, I realized that I have not written all month. Yikes! There are lots of thanks to give out and I will do my best to fit them all here.

First and foremost, my fabulous Spoiler, Kate from “For the Love of Yarn” gave me lots of wonderful treats during Secret Pal 11. I am going to recycle and use the words from my e-mail message when her package arrived the Monday before my birthday: “Exclamation points cannot be enough on the surprise that awaited me yesterday when I arrived home. I have been wanting to try a Fiddlesticks pattern for AGES and the Jaggerspun Zephyr is gorgeous!!” Her last package to me contained gingerbread cookie making fun. I am looking forward to using up everything. 🙂
Birthday package present from Kate!
Another surprise came in the mail from Maryland. During Rhinebeck, I had just met Laura (aka Soapturtle) in person during the Ravelry party, but had to interrupt our introduction/greetings to give Stephanie a quick hug. I then of course apologized, and we all laughed at how Stephanie can make one fall over and fawn. Little did I know that she was not only knitting Pomatomus socks for me, but she spun and dyed the yarn too! Why did she do all this hard work? She was my Sock Savior for Sockapalooza 4! Oh… My… Gracious. I just CANNOT stop wearing these socks.
Pretty PomatomasPretty Pomatomas
Now another package arrived for me in the mail of Christmas Eve Day — a wonderful bunch of goodness from Donna, Twinkie’s Mom. For the Christmas holiday, she and her family are visiting NYC all the way from Australia. I had promised her that we would meet in Central Park while she was in the US. I mean, she is only 3 hours away. What is that compared to halfway around the world? And Donna, I really want to give my thanks in person. I am crossing my fingers in hopes that we see each other!

For now, I must go crash into bed because I have to get up early to make lasagna. Merry Christmas!! =:8