Red, Red, All I See Is Red

Posted on 23, August 2007 by

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Recently Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue had their annual Bunefit at VASA Park in Foster, RI. Unfortunately Rich and I had to miss it, but it was for a good reason. His cousin Chris was celebrating her 50th birthday, and of course I HAD to make her something in red that was not a hat. All of Rich’s paternal family was there to help out. We had a great afternoon catching up!

As for seeing red, no, I am not angry (at least not yet!) since last wonderful Friday. I have a couple of FO’s that are in that color though. One is another (no surprise here) Clapotis, and it was what I made for Chris. The other is a test knit so no eyes can see it yet. 😉

The place where I photographed the shawl/scarf is a park only a half mile away from my house. Slater Park often hosts a number of people who like to fish and just “hang out” to enjoy the scenery. Please note that this was about 2 weekends ago, when I had a busy influx of packages into the house.

On Ravelry there have been a number of swaps. The first was Kyle’s Stash Swap. This anonymous required that each person give something downstream to their partner: something that the pal desired, and something that the spoiler did not want in their stash. I had sent 2 skeins of Farmhouse Yarns’ Autumn Spun in dark navy and a ball of Filaro 4-ply Sparkle Mohair. Of course I included my (now) signature bottle of coffee syrup, and some other goodies. 🙂

This past weekend, I caught some crazy bug that held me at bay in the house. I was able to get some much needed rest, but I am bummed that I could not be as active as usual. It also quelled any ideas of running, which is something I have been wanting to get back into. As of late, only knitting and Ravelry have been keeping me from going insane at work. I am feeling a bit despondent and unmotivated. Whatever I input in the meetings is thrown away and I am told that I should let the Developers take care of the suggestions and solutions. (SIGH…) I need to find more activities to lighten up my downed mood. Next post I promise to have something more positive! =:8