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My Timing Is off (again!)

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With all the terrorist scares and precautions in America’s airports, here is a funny little blurb about a flier who attempted to state his humble opinion of the TSA. Go ahead, read it and come back. I am sure at least a smile will appear on your face.

Now that I made you chuckle, I have some news. Every now and then companies go through a shake up. My company did a small Reduction in Force (RIF) a week ago, and there may be talk about increasing that small number to a larger one. Throughout this week, my stomach has been in knots — partially due to waiting for answers about the job I interviewed, partially they are a reaction from all the worldwide executives that have been living in our conference rooms. I go about my business and keep my nose to the grindstone, but whenever I get a chance to look around, I sense that something is amiss. Let us hope that I still have a job after all this mess is over. If not, then maybe I will be able to start writing down the patterns I have created for the last couple of years. 😉

Patterns, you laugh? Is this another joke? Actually, I constantly get these wild fiber ideas in my head. They swirl around my mind like water eddying in a churning river. Creating reachable goals for my projects and patterns is beginning with something I found in an article on Lifehacker. I know, I still need to make a list that matches up these future projects to my stash — in due time my friends.

One of the goals? To tally up the bloggers who attended this year’s KOAC in Boston. With a quick glance at the pages, there is double the amount than last year! Of course, here I show Lucy’s reaction at the news in the above photo…

If you were there at the KOAC, you would have seen that I had completed the Lace Shawl KAL with ample enough numbers: Diamond Fantasy Shawl, Icarus, and Children of the Lir. Now what should I do next? The Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls or another one of the 3? Maybe I can do my (gasp!) 8th Clapotis?

Or maybe I can knit up some Dustbunnies?? Are these bunners not C-U-T-E!!? I think I better finish my Bunner’s face before I start anyone else.

I finally decided on a pattern for my Mystery Socks KAL on the Woolworks website. There are so many to try, but I will be checking this lace one first.

For you techie geeks like me, I found a cool tool for creating icons today during lunch. Just what I need, more distractions from knitting and crocheting! I leave you all with a reminder that Richie and I will be in Vermont this weekend for Lisa and Jason’s wedding. Please pray for good weather. I heard it is supposed to pour down in buckets! =:8

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  1. I remember going through many a down-size at my old job, and I know just how stressful the waiting game is. My thoughts will be with you, and I’ll be sending positive job energy your way. Also have my fingers crossed for sun in Vermont this weekend!!

  2. I’ll keep hoping for good stuff for you on the job front – if it means you have to look for something else – well, you’ll find something better, RIGHT? lol (that’s me, look on the bright side!)
    Have a great weekend in VT – I love it there! And thank you for visiting my blog!

  3. I’ll be wishing you good weather for the weekend! We pulled out a good day last Sunday. No reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the same this weekend!
    BTW, could I look like a bigger goof in that picture!? Thanks for keepin’ me humble!

  4. First, let me say that you have one of the calmest sites, is it the color or the kharma??

    As a former techy myself (prehistoric – from the 80s), I’m truly fumbling around this blog business learning all of this non-intuitive code crap (or have my registers atrophied??)

    Love the shawls too. Thanks for your your destash/gifting note, great minds think alike!

  5. wow, that sucks! i hate being suspended in anticipation like that! i hope everything works out for you, but then again, it may just be an opporunity for you to do other things. and that wouldn’t be so bad.

    as for the knitting projects, i CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE ON YOUR 8TH CLAPOTIS! i’m having a hard enough time getting to the increase section on my 3rd one! jeez! at any rate, it’s good to have projects to mull over.

    i hope your weekend is nice! i hear it may or may not rain this weekend. job forecasts shouldn’t be anything like weather forecasts, ey? have a good one!

    btw, are you submitting anything for the contest? if you don’t have anything, don’t feel guilty. i could use another judge… 🙂

  6. I hope you’re job stays safe AND the one that you interviewed for, comes through as well =)

    Pretty pretty lace shawl and 8th Clapotis? Oh boy!!! Nice going!

    And that bunny is soo cute.

  7. I hope everthing works out with your job!

    The shawl is beautiful and I’m still in awe of how many clapotis wraps you’ve made!

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