My Timing Is off (again!)

Posted on 28, September 2006 by

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With all the terrorist scares and precautions in America’s airports, here is a funny little blurb about a flier who attempted to state his humble opinion of the TSA. Go ahead, read it and come back. I am sure at least a smile will appear on your face.

Now that I made you chuckle, I have some news. Every now and then companies go through a shake up. My company did a small Reduction in Force (RIF) a week ago, and there may be talk about increasing that small number to a larger one. Throughout this week, my stomach has been in knots — partially due to waiting for answers about the job I interviewed, partially they are a reaction from all the worldwide executives that have been living in our conference rooms. I go about my business and keep my nose to the grindstone, but whenever I get a chance to look around, I sense that something is amiss. Let us hope that I still have a job after all this mess is over. If not, then maybe I will be able to start writing down the patterns I have created for the last couple of years. 😉

Patterns, you laugh? Is this another joke? Actually, I constantly get these wild fiber ideas in my head. They swirl around my mind like water eddying in a churning river. Creating reachable goals for my projects and patterns is beginning with something I found in an article on Lifehacker. I know, I still need to make a list that matches up these future projects to my stash — in due time my friends.

One of the goals? To tally up the bloggers who attended this year’s KOAC in Boston. With a quick glance at the pages, there is double the amount than last year! Of course, here I show Lucy’s reaction at the news in the above photo…

If you were there at the KOAC, you would have seen that I had completed the Lace Shawl KAL with ample enough numbers: Diamond Fantasy Shawl, Icarus, and Children of the Lir. Now what should I do next? The Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls or another one of the 3? Maybe I can do my (gasp!) 8th Clapotis?

Or maybe I can knit up some Dustbunnies?? Are these bunners not C-U-T-E!!? I think I better finish my Bunner’s face before I start anyone else.

I finally decided on a pattern for my Mystery Socks KAL on the Woolworks website. There are so many to try, but I will be checking this lace one first.

For you techie geeks like me, I found a cool tool for creating icons today during lunch. Just what I need, more distractions from knitting and crocheting! I leave you all with a reminder that Richie and I will be in Vermont this weekend for Lisa and Jason’s wedding. Please pray for good weather. I heard it is supposed to pour down in buckets! =:8