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Note: I apologize that this entry was created when I did not have internet access. Please bear with me while I write about the weekend for the next couple of days.
When Lisa and Jason had become engaged last year, I knew that their wedding was going to be unique and fitting to them and their families. Because Lisa hails from the state of Vermont, I had hoped that the nuptials would be there instead of Boston or Rhode Island. Well, today is the day of the wedding, and here we are nestled up in the Stowehof Inn which overlooks some of Vermont’s gorgeous mountains. It is just 9 minutes before 8, my laptop is offline (hence the time discrepancy) and I managed to squeeze a couple of sky shots from our room. Feel free to click for the larger shots.

The room itself is very quaint and of simple decor. It is sized appropriately for the weekend guest with its modest smaller-scaled furnishings. Already we have cluttered the mirrored dresser as if we have been here forever. If the welcome basket looks a bit disheveled, it was due to my putting it back together after we eagerly attacked it late last night when we arrived after midnight. Click on the photo to see if you can recognize a little something I received from Alohas and Oreos in the Islands. 🙂

Now if you all would not mind, we are off to get some breakfast, do a quick drop by the LYS, take advantage of the chocolate and wine tasting coupons, and I may possibly begin Margie’s blanket before the wedding begins at two o’clock sharp. Because the only internet access in this hostel is via telephone, updating this post may prove difficult. =:8

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  1. I love the fact that the fireplace area has books. There is nothing (except maybe yarn strewn about everywhere) that makes it feel more like home.

  2. My husband and I LOVE Stowe. Seeing your pics made me miss it and it hasn’t been two months since we last went! Thanks for sharing!

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