Visting 2 of Stowe’s “LYS”

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Even though Stowe has a lot of farms, most of them seem to be cow-oriented instead of wool-oriented. I did find two “LYS” in town that were primarily quilting shops rather than a yarn shop. Unfortunately, Kaleidescope Yarns was not close enough for a visit, but maybe next time!

When we dropped in on Saturday at the Stowe Fabric & Yarn shop, it had a comfortable yarn room which was slightly smaller than the size of the “A Good Yarn” in Baltimore. It was primarily stocked with Cherry Tree Hill (CTH) yarns, but there were suitable amounts of Berroco, Malabrigo, Great Adirondack, and a FABULOUS local undyed alpaca which felt incredible to muss up touch. There also was Frog Tree’s pima blend, which I had never seen, so I was able to get up close and personal with some.

The other store was more of a secluded corner of the large Bear Pond building, and the scant Noro and CTH yarns were scattered in a couple of sections amongst the fabrics. There were some hanks of handspun yarn, but I had no interest at $20/hank/100yd for Lopi-type wool. Both stores did not have the latest lace patterns that won in CTH’s Sugar Maple contest, and the second store did not have a clue what those patterns were, or that the contest was over! I know they were primarily a quilt shop, but if you have signs stating you are a yarn shop, well… I will get off my soapbox now and will update this post later with a picture of the sweet little haul (see above for the 4 hanks) that I purchased on my one Stashalong day for September. =:8

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  1. What’d I miss? You are allowed “a stashalong” day where you can buy yarn and not violate the 12 step?? Fill me in, or maybe I should go back and read the rules.

    I used to go to Stowe each year to eat pancakes and chowder. I hate skiing and left that up to the others. I remember eating lunch at the Trapp Family Lodge and doing all the tourist stuff – horse drawn sleigh etc. I wasn’t as into yarn then (it was during my 20s).

    Sounds like a good trip if nothing more than for the alpaca you found.

  2. All the photos from your trip are so fabulous! The blue sky … the forest, the trees … just wonderful.
    Talking about visiting yarn stores, I haven’t done so (not even to Jo-Ann!) for ages … and I haven’t bought a single skein since my move! But don’t worry, I have lots of stash to play with … hahaha …

  3. We did the fireworks at a wedding in Stowe last year and I didn’t have time to go to the yarn shops ( had to be in Bennington for the 4th of July show the next day – no time). …I guess I didn’t miss much… ;o)

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