Swapping and Trading for S.E.X.

Posted on 6, April 2008 by

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I could not think of a more appropriate title for this post than the one that finally settled in my head. The incredible Sarah of Hapto had created the whole idea for a big giant swap in the Somerville Library when she started a thread in Ravelry about it.
paddingThe Wondrous Sarah
The idea was simple:
1. Bring in your unwanted stash of yarns, needles, books, and anything else fibery
2. Each item would be assigned points and would be given to you in the form of paper money
3. When items appear up for grabs, folks can purchase the items with the money
I will let The Photos speak for themselves…
A Bit of YarnpaddingWaiting for the Destash to BeginpaddingChecking out the BookspaddingReady, Set, GO!!
AnticipationpaddingA bit of stash divingpaddingJust a bit of yarnpaddingImplementing the Gameplan
Those photos are only the tip of the iceberg. 🙂 I met a lot of folks there and being the curious person I am, passed around another notebook and requested them to sign their names. I am pleased to see how many folks did give their info. Whoever said Bostonians are curt and crusty were wrong. Now if only I could locate that notebook!!!
Yay for Ravelry!!paddingYay for Ravelry!!
After that stash enhancement experience, one would think everyone was sated. Not so! Because I was in the area, I decided to drop by at Mind’s Eye Yarns and saw Omly. What a relief that I was not the only person who was in the mood to visit a yarn shop! While there, I took a few pointers from Lucy on what others have done in my situation, and filed them for definite use later. Knitters are so awesome! =:8