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Celebration Time

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The past few weeks were pretty quiet without fanfare. I spent them by working on Ravelry, updating my LinkedIn page, and following possible job leads. So far, nothing that will give me the same pay that I was making. But wait — there have been a number of events that must be shared…

Taking advantage of my days mean that I have been able to check the “In Search Of and Destash” group on Ravelry more often than not. Unfortunately, that also means I have been doing a lot of trading and swapping of stash. Rich pointed out recently that though I am not buying yarn, I still have to pay for the shipping, and those costs do add up. So that means I will probably be doing a huge destash sometime in the future. (Sorry, these yarns are not being destashed!)
Kauni Effektgarn gift from JettepaddingCTH Merino Lace in Spring FrostpaddingLive2Knit gift from RandomKnitspaddingA precious gift from CalicoKitty6
Another bunch of events — SNBs and other knitting circles. I have been to the Providence SNB at Reflections Cafe, Yarns at Lace Wings’ Knitting Circle, the North Attleboro SNB at Borders, the Knitting group at Sophie’s Coffee, my own “Walk and Knit” at the Garden City Borders, the Crafters’ group at Panera Bread in Cranston, the Sweet Binks Craft group at Panera Bread in Seekonk, and the Quilting and Knitting group at the church down the street from my home.
Jacob hidingpaddingThe HemlockpaddingThe test vestpaddingBoston Red Sox Swap sans Wally
The big SNB event is the Fresh Purls’ Anniversary party. Let me assure everyone that LYSO Karen knows how to give her customers incredible treats! From the catering to the champagne, she welcomed everyone with a happy grin that shone with much earned pride for the store’s success.
Karen being congratulated and her assistant HelenpaddingOh the FOOD!paddingThe wine and champagnepaddingTalking about the past year
Hmm… I just realized that I failed to mention the bunnies. Sweet Binks had an education seminar, and there were a few bunnies who were happy to assist. What was kind of cool is that little Jessica (yes, Richie’s baby girl) has a photo included in the presentation.
Jessi in the Window
The slide simply states that she is an example of a truly contented and happy houserabbit. I totally love that! Alrighty, next post will be about the pilgrimages I made this past week. Where to? Try Boston for the Great Saturday Stash Swap, NYC for Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s debut into the USA, my (crossing paws!) job interview — um, maybe I will wait on that one, and the visit to Virginia’s Chateau Morrisette Winery for knitting amongst the grand casks. Gosh, too many things with not enough time nor money. I leave one final celebration. Please click on the photo below to see it… =:8
A new celebration

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  1. what great yarns! And a new do? How fun!! I always have such mixed emotions when I chop my hair off (and love the sparkley dress!!)

  2. Love the sunning bunny photo. To bad they don’t make one big enough for us humans to lie in.

    WOW, you cut your hair. It looks great from the back. Look at you all dolled up a fancy pants party.

  3. Dramatic change, but I love it! I am not sure what kind of work you are in (i know it has to do w/ web design and I though it had to do w/ usability or something, but if anything opens at my company I will let you know 🙂

  4. OMG! You CUT your hair!!! WOW!
    I cannot wait, canNOT wait till tomorrow…CM and meeting you IN PERSON!
    Yippee Skippee – and oh, btw…what a stunning gown? And clapotis! And the bun is adorable….yarns are yummy.
    Gee. I’m drooling.
    Wine and friends and knitting tomorrow!!!

  5. Hey, nice new ‘do!

    It’s a good thing my cats can’t see the photo of your bunny, or they would start lobbying for some of those windowsill attachments for themselves.

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing the new ‘do in 3-D! You have lovely hair no matter the length. Shorter is so much easier though!
    The bunny photo is priceless; yes, he sure does look contented.
    Good luck with the job search. Too bad it will cut into all that social knitting!

  7. The hair cut looks great! I hope you donated it to Locks of Love, I’m planning to do that maybe in July. I think I need another few inches first…

  8. Holy smokes you cut your hair! Did you donate it? You must feel liberated. Sorry I missed kntting this week. Someday….

  9. Find Chris on linkedin. He’s got a pretty good network going, and it never hurts to be hooked up to that 😀

    Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

  10. Lovely outfit – clapotis matching genially the dress! – and Jessica is a doll! My Miss Eve says hello, from Dutchy to Dutchy so to say 😉

  11. I am sorry to hear of your work misfortunes! I figured I’d stop by and say hi…I was thinking about you Monday. I stop in a lot but never say anything so…HEY!!!!!

  12. Vow, it’s great to see my pattern in the pictures — so you are still knitting it? Or is it someone else’s? Do you have any feedback for me from the testknit?

    I guess I will put it up on the blog (and maybe ravelry), so more knitters can knit it…

    Anyway, was just happy and surprised, to see it like that on the blog.

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