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Living Passion-KNIT-ly (Part 3)

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One would think my two days in Blacksburg would be finalized and my cravings to visit satisfied for another few years. After checking out of my wonderful suite (oh how I wish I could share time there with friends), I drove over to snap a couple of shots of something I missed the day before.
What is this dedication for?  Click to find out!
There are many similar statues around all of Blacksburg showing Hokie Pride. I had to get this one because it was in VT Corps of Cadets dress uniform. Snaphot now taken, I drove to see my beloved campus one last time before driving back to Virginia Beach.
The pace of classes
I did find a handy parking spot along the Drillfield so I could quickly visit the War Memorial and the Pylons before getting a parking ticket. As expected, the campus was busy with students and faculty rushing about. I managed to snap a few photos when I received a return phone call from Emm1e. I had sent her my mobile phone number via Raverly-message in the hopes of meeting her before I left. Luckily my timing was perfect, we were meeting for lunch! 🙂 She walked over from Burruss Hall to the War Memorial and we headed over to Mike’s.
The War Memorial ChapelpaddingLeft Half of the PylonspaddingRight Half of the PylonspaddingThe Main Dedication
For those who have never been to Blacksburg, nor will ever visit this wonderful town, Mike’s is a place that is sorely missed. The burgers are heavy on the meat, lighter on everything else, but made whatever way you like them. There are also pizzas, calzones, strombolis, and oooh the onion rings and fries… Lunchtime is usually a madhouse, and Monday was not only the exception, but was worse!
Emm1e and Me
We managed to snag a table and finally hailed a server. The poor girl looked ragged and tired when she came to take our order. Both Emm1e and I chatted about Ravelry, her awesome Zombie Socks pattern (sorry, it is only available on Ravelry), Socktopia, Stash, MCY, and Clapotis. Our conversation was peppered with giggles and “Oh my goshes!” Time flew by and before we guessed it, Emm1e had to go back to work while I had to drive back to Virginia Beach. I then dropped her off and drove over to take a couple of shots of the Duck Pond.
The sign of the Solitude buildingpaddingThe beauty of cherry blossomspaddingGuess who lives here?paddingThe Duck Pond
Going my merry way on Interstate Highway 81 North, I stopped at a Shell Station to fill up the tank and ended up chatting with one of the women who worked there. The one thing that I miss from Virginia is the friendly Southern hospitality that welcomes even the most distant strangers into the area. Driving up the road back to the highway, I spotted the tourism billboard which inspired the title to this series of posts: “Live Passionately in Virginia!” Saying the sentence aloud, I smiled when I realized that the word “PassionKnitly” is used by my friend Jen of the “PassionKnitly” blog. I decided that I definitely had been “living passion-knit-ly” during this getaway and eagerly sought more just before my approach to Richmond.
The greeting gate of RockbridgepaddingThe whispering vines
I had driven past the Washington and Lee area when I read the sign for one of my favorite vineyards. Back in 1996 or so, I fell in love with V’Dor ice wine from Rockbridge Vineyard, and greedily purchased bottles of it when I could. The opportunity to visit this place had me thinking, “Hmmm… Are they open?” Indeed they were! I was able to take a quick visit into the shop and enjoy a wine tasting that offered up the various wines blended into V’Dor plus quench my thirst with a glass of the claret, Norton.
Saying 'Cheers!'
My hostess Jane turned out to be the co-owner and is also a knitter. As I am fond of saying, “How COOL is THAT?!” I think the question is quite applicable. 🙂 Though the tell-tale handknitted items up for sale in the shop are not by her, but by the owner of a nearby yarn shop. Jane mentioned that their knitting group sometimes has wine during the meet ups. If only I did not have to drive back to Virginia Beach!
Mixing wine and knittingpaddingBaggies and CoolerspaddingGear to wear and hearpaddingSauces and Shirts
At some point, I decided to show the Clapotis WIP the various ribbons won by Rockbridge. Unfortunately, my picture taking hands were a bit shaky. I blame being tired and having to hold the needles up in dim lighting. (hush! No more words!) Here are the best of the many shots I attempted.
With the flashpaddingWithout the flash
By the time I reached Ace’s home, it was around 7:30 PM. We had a quick meal and I decided to crash on the couch with one of the housecats, Jake. He was my buddy during my stay, and we hung out together a lot. I love being back home. =:8
Jake hanging with mepaddingJake napping with me

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  1. What a fun trip! I am going to Virginia for a family reunion later this month – Smith Mountain Lake. Are you familiar with that area? Is there anything I shouldn’t miss while I’m there?

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