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Posted on 6, March 2008 by

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There was a post in the Bunny Lovers group on Ravelry in which the owner wanted to dye her pet rabbit up in “seasonal” colors. Though her query was giggled at and that dyed stray rabbits can be found at this time of year, it saddened me. Why? Because of the fact that these dyed strays were obviously abandoned by families who scooped them up and gifted them to their children as if these live animals were disposable toys. Yikes, I just realized how distraught the whole situation makes me!! In spite of all that dismalness, I intend to appear at the Sweet Binks Rabbit Education Seminar on March 22nd at the RISPCA location in East Providence.

I also have more not-so-happy news, I am parting ways with my department and probably will head to either sales or outside the company. Today the kind generalist in human resources “talked me down from the ledge” so to speak. Though I am addressing the corrective action and working my bunny tail off in my current projects, I have meetings lined up with sales managers in different regions. Here is where I distract everyone with some photos…
Bamboo Roving from Mind's Eye Yarns in Cambridge, MAMerino Roving from Mind's Eye Yarns in Cambridge, MA

Laceweight hanks at Mind's Eye Yarns in Cambridge, MALucy's Merino/Tencel from Mind's Eye Yarns in Cambridge, MA
Now that all that negative mojo is out of my system, how about something really positive? I promised that I would write about my adventure in meeting Michelle last Sunday. The afternoon was a fabulous time, combining her bringing me yarn, our checking out Mind’s Eye Yarns, chatting with Lucy and Kimberly, and eating lunch at a great burrito place called Anna’s. I always forget how much I love the Boston area!! =:8