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Unable to Dye when Trees are Falling

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As usual, I have been busy with yarn (mostly knitting), work (giant corporate software system rollout this week beginning last night with my stuff and more tonight at 8PM-EDT), and home stuff (you will see!). Some of the shots since this weekend I am about to show you might sadden you. (Well, they did for me at least.)

That is the amount of bleeding done in the rinse water when I soaked the hank of yarn to see how much dye took to it. The container on the upper right of the picture is the leftover dye bath itself. And feel free to click on the picture for a closer (warning, much larger) shot that opens outside this site. Meanwhile, I did find the misplaced Mountain Colors yarn for my sister Abby’s socks. I had stuck it in one of the mohair cubes instead of the sock yarn one. Go figure my scatterbrained head would think material content instead of type. And speaking of socks…

Here is some lace sock progress. But now I am wondering if I could turn in to a little drawstring bag or purse. I did some specific fittings on bottom side of the sock pattern. I placed 1×1 ribbing at the widest part of the foot and am now knitting in the back loop every other round to provide a tighter fit and better support for my arch.

And notice the little stockinette mishap on left side of my foot? That is due to knitting in the darkness of 2 crystal oil-lamps that are shaped like candlesticks. In a nutshell, a bad storm hit our neighborhood last night with a tree falling on the side of our home as the result. If you are interested, Rich took a lot of photos for the insurance company early this morning and they can be found HERE.

Throughout this craziness, I have managed to get a couple of weekday scenic and sky pictures.

And here is a cute shot of Jessi and Zy cuddling up together during the baseball game.

Now for the final reminder: Walking and Knitting tonight at Borders Bookstore in Garden City. To illustrate it better, I am borrowing a photo I found on Manolo’s site. Enjoy! =:8

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  1. That is one BIG TREE! What was it? Did it go into the roof/attic? How is the car under it? So sorry about that. Two summers ago a big tree landed in my next door neighbor’s living room on top of the chair he had just been sitting in. Their daughter had just called so he got up to answer the phone and about 5 or so seconds later the tree crashed through.

    Hope your insurance company is good to work with!

  2. Oh, my! Sorry about the tree. Glad no bunners or humans were hurt.
    Love your sky picture and scenes.

  3. Oh no!!! That tree thing really stinks. I did look at all of the pictures, and I feel so bad. 🙁 I can’t even imagine. At least you are all safe and well.

  4. That lace sock looks fabulous! I love the picture of your two cuddle buns and I am sorry about the tree in your house bit. I am glad it wasn’t worse than it was.

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