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Being 30 and Loving Life

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A few months ago, a giant life-changing event happened for BFF and myself. Because of it, I immediately began thinking in terms of a private recluse and only shared the event’s news with people who would seem to care. Work has been cut back to a select number, and outings were drastically reduced. Now that we have reached the big Three-Oh in weeks, I guess it is time to spill the news especially since folks will see us at Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend wandering around, working at Tess’ Designer Yarns and hanging out at the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup Ravelry group meet ups.

Somebunny at 29 weeks
Somebunny at 29 weeks
BFF and I are pregnant with a healthy girl (98.5% sure about her gender) and she will be my first child EVER. As soon as we discovered I was pregnant last October, the decision for me to take insulin became important. When I was injecting shots on an average of nine (9) times a day, in December I made the decision to use an insulin pump by Medtronics. Thanks to Usagi-chan (our nickname for her means “rabbit” in Japanese), my sugar/glucose levels have never been better. My A1C is down to 5.8 compared to the 8.0 in August last year.

We have been taking all the precautions possible — no alcohol, more dietary changes, reduced stress, etc. Thanks to the latest technological advances in laboratory research, the newest genetics tests allow fetal chromosomes to be analyzed by using four small tubes of maternal blood. What does that mean? It means that at eleven weeks gestation, waiting for invasive tests like the amniocentesis and CVS at 20-plus weeks are no longer necessary. These new tests and the insulin pump have had a huge price tag for us, which resulted in many sacrifices — no eating out, no splurging on exotic foods, no unnecessary purchases, and no trips (except for the special ones that we save towards).

Soon to come will be pictures of our lilac and grey nursery. The project has been enormous, considering that the room was originally designated for the four Bunnateers to share with BFF as his office, and that we discovered various structural and electrical items that needed to be brought up to building code. The fur-kiddos have been moved to the smallest bedroom, and they have not noticed their change in surroundings. BFF’s computer has been moved to our den which will become more of a library when all is finally done. We have so many plans, with so little time and funds. That is how life goes, and we are prioritizing what is most important — feathering our familial nest rather than spending money on non-tangible items.

Hopefully when we see everyone in the upcoming month, we will have more news to share. Until then, we thank everyone who has been awesomely supportive of us thus far. And thank you in advance to everyone who will be positively in our lives. You are family to us! =:8

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  1. May your family be blessed, and your little one happy and healthy! I’ve been looking forward to pictures. You look great!

  2. You look fabulous Kimberly and kudos to you for taking the reins on staying healthy! So glad the pump has been working well for you. Enjoy the last few months and I can’t wait to see / hear the news when she arrives.

  3. YAY!! I am SO happy for y’all! 🙂 I can’t wait to meet her at Rhinebeck too.

  4. So so happy for you!!! And I can’t wait to see you at MDS&W! It’s been a long time since I saw you last October at SAFF. You look amazing!

  5. That is so great about your A1C Kimberly!! I’m very happy for you and your BFF with your little bundle of joy arriving in a couple of months!

  6. Mazel tov! It is so good to hear of your good news regarding your health, your pregnancy, and your happiness! Best to you always, Kimberly!

  7. Hugs back to your congratulations! I never thought I would ever get my A1C down that low. BFF has been amazing on making sure I eat well. 🙂

  8. Kim, this is wonderful news – and with all of it you have your A1C at 5.8 – that is terrific! Now I fully understand why we didn’t see you at SPA this year! Best wishes to you all!

  9. what fantastic news! thank you for sharing with the world, and wishing you all the best for an easy rest of your pregnancy and delivery.

  10. What great news! Sooo exciting. I have been thinking about you lately as I finally made something out of some yarn you graciously rakked me many years ago. Take care of yourself! Hugs!

  11. AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! YAY!! Congratulations!! I’m so excited for you! Much love to you three!!

  12. Yaaaaaay! You look great. Can’t wait to meet usagi-chan. So you say she’ll be at Rhinebeck, eh? Me too! 🙂 see y’all then!

  13. Haven’t been keeping up with you at all and haven’t seen you in so long but noticed this post when checking blogs on Ravelry and wanted to say congratulations! This is so great for you! I’m glad you’re doing so well right now and looking so very happy!

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