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Reflecting and Learning on Changes

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In last month’s post I discussed the whys on my disappearance of being online. The feedback I received has been incredible. Close friends gave me a “thumbs up” on my decision to lock and close my Facebook and Twitter accounts because as an individual person, I was being too public and not as one entitled to privacy. For the month of January and beyond, in every post I will be writing about my three words: prioritize, character, and service. In the posts will be my thoughts of reflection and memories of people who have affected me in various ways. I admire these folks not because of their outgoing online personalities, but because they are completely opposite by being quietly courageous.

  • Prioritize

    When I left XRX, I was quite sure I wanted to continue the fun I had in public online marketing. I enjoyed the travel and various networking. Meeting new and old friends was always exciting. But through the past year I discovered how content I was at being home with my husband in the home he bought for us, and hoppily began settling down to nest for our future family. Since my husband and both of our families are more privately closed in their activities than I have been online, I stopped my morning greetings and toned down my online posts. After all, I was no longer a promoter seen as a “public figure” and I felt wonderful as a Trust Agent again.

    During the past month prioritizing for my future family has never been larger. Much to my family physician’s relief, I made a solid decision last October to stop the losing battle of just using exercise and diet and to start insulin injections to control my type 2 diabetes. January is when I realized the need to be on an insulin pump and blood glucose monitor. The result is that I am in better control of not only my diet, but I have a better understanding on how my body digests food. Even though the pump and glucose monitor have to be attached to my body (I joke about becoming a Borg), seeing the numbers on a graph awakened me. I now feel that with these powerful tools, raising a family will not be hindered by my diabetes.

  • Character

    There have been a whirlwind of people I have met through the years. I consider most of them friends and do my best to follow them on Ravelry, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. During the last two weekends, a couple of huge gatherings took place: VOGUE Knitting Live in New York City over the holiday weekend, and The National Needlearts Association in Long Beach which closes up today. As much as I felt sad at not being able to attend both of these amazing events, my thoughts reflected on the wonderful folks I met in past events.

    Bunches of memories will always involve certain subjects or a combination of them: bunnies, fiber, yarn, chocolate, and food. Crafter Debra P. had once baked a batch of double chocolate cookies for me, and when her sweet package arrived, they were so good it took a lot for me to share them. I am not writing about her because of what she did for me, rather it is because of what she does for a living. Debra drives the school bus for special needs children. When she talks about the kids she has in her care, her eyes light up and her voice is full of fondness for her charges. After the hostage incident in Alabama, I immediately thought of Debra and became saddened at how the family and friends of the driver must feel. For those parents whose children ride a bus to school, I hope you realize how the importance of having a responsibly caring driver is a treasure.

  • Service

    I often have written about one of my favorite passions: volunteering. It does not matter how, where, or what you do, if a person can volunteer some way and some how without compensation of any kind such as monetary or marketing kickbacks, I salute him/her for it. For the past year I have volunteered at the no-kill rescue shelter of Virginia Rabbit Rescue. Since they are not qualified as a 501(c)(3) I give that charity even more respect because VRR makes a negative profit, yet does the best to help neglected house rabbits. My husband and I have adopted or fostered a total of five (5) since July of 2011, and will definitely adopt more in the future.

  • Trixie and Dixie at Virginia Rabbit Rescue
    Trixie and Dixie at Virginia Rabbit Rescue

    I hope to share more news sooner than later. For now I think I have written enough to sate everyone’s curiosity of my thoughts. As an example of how long VRR cares for their charges, here is a photo of Trixie and Dixie. They are 2 of 4 sisters that were taken into the shelter in 2005. I wish I could take all of these shy girls home right now! =:8

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  1. I’m glad you have found a balance that works for you. It’s hard to limit yourself (at least for me) when you love being interactive with friends and family online, and it’s a struggle for me to limit what I say when it’s so easily used against me or twisted in ways I never intended. If you have found a path that brings you peace, I am glad of it.

    I hope that I’ll see you at events now and then, and I’m glad I met you. Be well, take care of yourself, and know joy.

  2. Thanki you for the kind words, brought a tear to my eyes. I hope your diabetes can be controlled and your life inproves daily.

    1. Hi Debra! I meant every letter of what I typed. Last week all I could think of was what you have done for your children and what if you were put in that same situation. <3

  3. Hi Kimberly, I really enjoyed your post today. I inspired by your happiness in your new reinvented life, and I am excited for you about your upcoming addition to your family!

    Hugs, Robin

    1. Thankful hugs back to you, Robin. It was so cool becoming friends with you through Secret Pal, and it was even better when we met in person at STITCHES Midwest. What you yourself have done is inspiring too. If we can make it to Chicago next year, you bet that we plan on meeting up with you!

  4. Firstly, I want to congratulate you on your impending newcomer to your family! Secondly, I joyously support your new found balance which includes your special health issue currently. It will serve you very well & prevent any unnecessary future health issues. I only wish I had leaned to balance my life before it harmed my health & robbed me of several years. I will always remember your kindness & help when I first moved to Rhode Island & met you at Panera Bread for the sit & knit in 2007. You introduced me to Ravelry & helped me to save my sanity as my health deteriated. I have very much enjoyed seeing you at several of the fiber events through the years and will never forget you! I wish you much happiness & joy!

    1. Chris, I thank you tons for those wonderful words. It has been great seeing you since both of us left RI. I hope BFF and I see you next month at the Homespun Yarn Party! <3

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