Crazy Bunnies with the Stormy Weather

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Today everyone in the southern New England area is bracing for a Nor’Eastern, which is what I consider a hurricane in cold weather. In my eyes, this fall season only seems present due to the leaves changing color. The temperatures have been hovering around the 40’s and 50’s — too darn cold for October! So this storm with its 50-MPH winds and horizontal rain is hitting my home as we speak, and is the reason why I decided I would rather be at work. Work has a generator and lots of battery power to keep us going, home does not. Yes, I am being strange for not wanting to work from home today, but the chance of being without electricity or natural gas when I could use the resources at work makes sense.

Our bunnies do not seem to have sensed the weather changes or the recent full moon. All they want to do is eat their hay (well, eat anything they can sink their teeth into) and hang out for a nap. Sometimes, Hayley gets curious and comes over to visit Jessi and Zy’s area. These visits usually happen when Rich and I are busy on our laptops or I am wrapped up in my yarn project. Unfortunately, with Jessica’s territorial issue, Jessi tries attacking Hayley through the pen but cannot so she takes out her aggression on poor Zy, his fur starts flying everywhere, and Hayley just has this look on her face like, “Why are you so mad?” It can be kind of funny, though, to see all the drama from a soap opera wrapped up in our rabbits.

The other night is another great example of Hayley’s curiosity. I was working on my laptop which was plugged into the electrical outlet. While I was busy typing, suddenly the very familiar tone when I am on battery power chimed. I immediately yelled, “AUUGH!” And wouldn’t you know the familiar “thud, thud, thud” of Hayley hopping away was all you could hear that moment. Because the two babies never seemed to be interested in chewing wires (unlike the grey/white gal who ate Rich’s ENTIRE XBox controller cord along with several other audio/video cords one 4th of July morning), we did not think a barrier was needed to deter them. So here I am, shooing Hayley away from underneath the desk again while checking the cords. Not one of them was touched, but my computer was still on battery power. Puzzled, I physically unplugged and pulled out the complete power pack and gave it a thorough examination. I could not find anything wrong with it. If there were any nicks, I really did not want to go back to my IT department for another power pack. Mind you, this is the 3rd one I am using! Anyway, when I knelt back down to plug it back into the outlet, I had to release a loud laugh; Hayley had stepped on the surge protector’s OFF switch. Crazy bunny; ditzy owner! =:8

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