Clapotis, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

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Kate Gilbert’s creation has caused a quite a stir in the knitting community. The craze has bitten me too, and now that I have knitted up Cathy’s stole, I am working on mom’s scarf, and have 6 more projects in line to be made. The yarns that are whispering to be a clapotis are Cherry Tree Hill’s Silk/Merino in Cabin Fever, JCA Reynolds’ Rapture in Blue, Catalina’s Worsteds in bubblegum pink and in beige/brown tweed, and Malabrigo’s Kettle-dyed Merino in Alpine Pearl. I also have the beautiful ivory mohair(60%)/wool(40%) yarn that Jette had given me, and have been debating on turning those hanks into a pearl-laden Clappy or my personal pattern of the Evening Triangle Shawl.

Speaking of the Evening Triangle Shawl, I have not been able to work on the royal purple one since I last touched it, so no updated pics for now. However, I did finish the crocheted hyperbolic scarf for Ruth’s store and a mini swatch of a mile-a-minute pattern that one of my students was having difficulty with pictures to be posted soon. I figured I could turn the swatch into a scarf for the Community Warmup. Anyway, I have allocated more of my stash for shawls: Heirloom’s Heritage in the sparkling light green teal, Idena Almedahl’s Evita in green and in linen as others. The trick will be finding compatible yarns to pair them up with; I am thinking mohair would be best for this time of year.

It seems that the more I look around my stash, the more I see what they want to be molded as. The Marks & Kattens’ Kosmos skeins in washed olive and in barely color-splashed black keep reminding me that they are going to be scarves for Christmas. The assorted colors of Sugar’n’Cream that I bought many years ago tease me with the visions of a hand-knotted rug. And the yarns keeps on and on, each wanting to be worked with next. No wonder we get so overwhelmed with our stashes! Plus, here’s a new kicker: I have a bag full of shorn wool for me to pass to the Rhode Island Spinning Guild (if they are interested), or clean and maybe spin it myself. I have not decided what to do with it yet, but I do know that the wool is from Suffolk sheep. Anyone know anything about cleaning wool? I would LOVE to hear from you!

For tonight while I watch the NL baseball game, I will heed the olive Kosmos’ cries and combine it with Berroco’s Softwist in soft green. They will make a warm scarf for someone special, and when I am done, maybe I can get the black one done too. (Sigh) A fiber-lover’s work is never finished… =:8

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  1. I’m doing my Clappy in Malabrigo yarn (Indigo) and I love it! It is so very soft. Was at a knitting guild meeting last week and I found myself absent mindly petting my clappy when I was knitting on it.

    Looked at your photos of your knitted projects. Love the green socks and adore the black with flecks of green scarf. Wow, I’d want to fling the black scarf around my little black dress and have a hot date with my hubby.

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