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When will I ever learn that just because I have ideas for entries rolling around in my head, that does not mean they will be easily typed out as soon as I find time to sit down and record them? I have had topics I wanted to post about this past week, but was busy with several things: 1) work is the obvious, and that had a few varied instances there; 2) knitting my clapotis; 3) knitting a hat for my MIL; 4) obsessing over a fingerless-glove pattern that I have been creating; 5) what to do with my stash as presents or to possibly make some extra money; 6) of course taking care of the bunnies; and 7) football and Nascar watching are staples in my house.
Cherry Tree Hill Cabin Fever

2 Dropped Rows

That’s all of it in a nutshell. The work scene had some cute and funny moments recently. I learned that our department allows our kids to come in dressed up for a parade of sorts, and that we all can bring candy and treats for the little ones. I have included some cute pics of the pixies “en journaliste” style. Click the picture below for the whole album.
Sweet Smiles!
Another work-related funny: one of the test engineers had headed the re-decoration of a vacationing co-worker’s cube. His sister had warned him that one day when he was gone, the victim will get back at him. And while Matt was training out in Galway, his team-mates tin-foiled his cubicle! I could not resist taking a few pictures…Click the pictures for the whole album.


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  1. that is some pretty yarn you’re using for your clapotis. and omg, i hope the guy can at least recycle all that foil! that’s so crazy! but that will be filed in the back of my mind should i ever need to exact revenge on someone. interesting….

  2. Oh my gosh the tin foil is so funny! I’ve never heard of doing this to someone! heh What yarn are you using for your Clapotis? It looks like pretty colors. 🙂

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