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Whew! Between working in STL and going to the NASCAR Nextel Race in Loudon, NH, the past week just about wore me out. The race was really fun and I am hoping we can go to other races around the country. I have been using the time since my last post to get more of my stash entered into Ravelry and to begin reorganizing it. Currently my living room is not a pretty sight because I want to finish the inventory and my stash of yarn, notions, books, and magazines are spread about the place. For those curious on what I have, feel free to check it out on Ravelry. For those who are curious but not in Ravelry yet, I will try to get the Ravelry spreadsheet set up as a link on my sidebar. Anywho, I think it is about time I write about the awesome packages that I recently received in last week’s mail. 🙂

The package by Sock Monkey took me by surprise. Sock Monkey is my spoiler for Sockapalooza 4, and had sent me a wonderful envelope stuffed with goodies to help cheer me up about the crazy happenings at work. From the cheerful card and practical tape measure, to the DPNS, the pins, woolwash, and sticker: each and every item brought a smile to my face, especially the note on the Sockotta. To see why, click on the above skein of yarn. Yup, a big smile!

The second package received is by my still anonymous Secret Pal 10 Spoiler. The generosity poured out once again in the thoughtful choices made for me. Noting the ingenious envelope the gift card came in (please click on the photo to truly see it), the fun fact bookmark, and knitterly notepad, I slowly opened each parcel.

The above treats pleased the senses in my eyes and nose. The tea has been packed into my bag so that I will never be without proper tea. The candybar? Well that has already been set aside for my next stress-needs-chocolate attack. The wonderfully scented soap is in the bathroom off of my kitchen and will be getting much use from my being outdoors and working around the house. But I gasped with amazement on the wrapped Chinese takeout box. Could it be? Oh gosh, it IS! I have been oogling the Bunny Needle Felting Kit from the Woolpets’ Etsy Shop. I must have made a huge squeal because I startled the Boyz into hiding. I cannot wait to make this little guy!

The last two parcels contained some special items that I immediately scooped up and practically hugged. The first was an oval box with sheep on the cover. Inside were another two parcels, one wrapped in black, the other in white. The white wrapping had a very cute white rabbit stitchmarker! The black paper held more knitting jewelry — this time a rowcounter. Wow! I have always wanted one, and was toying with the idea of possible making it. And last but not least is the beautiful laceweight merino from Sugar Apple Creations. YUM!!

The last package I will show is from my fabulous Super Sox Box Swap partner, Meghann of Radiant Twist. In this swap, we each created a sock bag for our spoilee and filled it with appropriate goodness. I sent mine to the blogless Sara of Bradford in MA, but I digress.

Meghann had made me a very cool sock sack with fabric that yelled “Time for fun!” Accompanying the sock sack was a cute sheep card and scented tea lights that are perfect for the kitchen. What was in the bag? Guess! 😉

The pretty green yarn by Spritely Goods reminds me of a pale jade vase I saw in Epcot’s Japan museum. The soft touch matches the softness on one’s eyes. Meghann also gave me one of her yarns in a wonderful colorway. I am looking forward to knitting with it. What made me gasp so loudly (again not a surprise that the bunnies ran and hid) were the AWESOME sock blockers that so matched me! By then, I had so much happiness in me, I broke down and did a dance around my back deck in celebration. Lots of thumping were heard in the house, and it is a good thing Rich was upstairs because he would have yelled at me. I leave one last photo. I was so overwhelmed at the race’s pre-activity fun, that I just HAD to take a picture of the CROCS for Tony Stewart. I thought they looked artistic. But Rich, he thought not so much. =:8

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  1. It’s like Christmas at your house – what fun gifts! I think the Crocs shot is pretty artsy, especially because I love orange.

  2. Wow, you got some great pals and wonderful gifts! Good for you!
    I like the Croc photo! What does Rich know. Tee hee

  3. Wow.. thats what I call a good mail week! And I love the Croc photo – I for one, love Crocs, especially orange ones!

  4. Wow, those sure are a lot of packages! One will be coming from me soon for Jessica and Zydeco!

  5. Now that I know who you are, I can start leaving fun comments on your blog!

    You were only a state away from me recently…when you were in St. Louis.

    And I’m glad that you’ve got a great spoiler because you’ve done such a great job. Seems only fair that the love should go around! 🙂

  6. what awesome gifts! i really like that picture with all the orange crocs. i thought it was very artsy. so n/m what rich thinks! 😉

  7. I hope you’ve gotten my card by now where I reveal myself as your SP10 spoiler…if not…it’s me! 🙂

    Glad you liked the package… and you’ve gotten quite a few good packages lately. BTW, the Woolpets Bunny Felting kit came from (free shipping) where I work.

    Great Crocs photo – love the orange!

  8. I hope you got my package! FedEx peoples said it was delivered on the 3rd! It was lefted at the front door.

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