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Coming Back to Life

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On Monday/Bumday, I find it interesting in how being sick can truly affect your daily life. Since my last post, I was hit with a nasty cold that prevented me from going towards my 100 Miles goal, playing with the PetSmart bunnies, socializing with friends, working at full speed (Yeah RIIIIGHT, I worked tonight for 2 hours!) and of course, keeping up with the housework and knitting. Last week, at times I felt like I was hit by a truck and just wanted to sleep. I found myself going to bed earlier than normal without a care on reading e-mails, Bloglines and books. I think not wanting to go on-line was my light-bulb moment on seeing how sick I was! It also reminded me that I owe everyone a picture of Susan, so here she is. Her residence from being hidden in my old dresser drawer is now in my dining room’s butler/pantry, shielded behind a glass door proudly in front of some china and crystal items.

The 100 Miles goal is now my frustrating Holy Grail, especially after seeing everyone else who already achieved it on Rachel’s Run-a-gogo. I do want to take up Zarah’s challenge to get motivated, and will do so after this week. For now, I am making sure this cold will not kill my lungs. Plus, at least I did catch a shot for last weekend’s Saturday Sky. I also knit myself a hat to help me with this quest. It was the only item I finished last week. I ended up knitting this much-needed hat twice — the larger first version (64 stitches cast-on 9.00mm 40cm circulars) and now worn second version (54 stitches cast-on 6.50mm 40cm circulars). Both hats are identical except for the opposite curves so I am only showing one of them.

Last Tuesday, I had to let the adoptee bunnies out for only an hour. My coughing and sneezing was made worse with my allergies aggravated by the new SPCA cats up for adoption. I do like cats, but I have severe reactions with their dander. Forgetting my inhaler was not a bright idea that night and I paid for it the next day. πŸ™ I am glad that little Tina and Thomas are back, and was able to snuggle with Jasper again. There is a new girl in town (whose name escapes me at the moment), a sweet shy Flemmish Giant mix. She kept trying to jump back in her cage, but I am sure we can coax the clown out of her!

On Wednesday, during my 7AM conference call, my teammates all agreed with my husband that I sounded horrible (they used much stronger verbage) and I should stay home and take it easy. Of course Murphy’s Law appeared and there were some projects needing serious attention. Crazy scene of my dedication to my work: I was dressed in sweatpants, a long-sleeve t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, my newly-knit hat, all were under my thick-as-a-blanket bathrobe, and bundled in two blankets on the couch. My hands were barely peeking out of my cocoon in order to work on the laptop. Rich had gone out to the market to get orange juice (I only touch the stuff when sick) and soup. Our phone rings, I realize the cordless is in the charger across the room and ignore it. It rings again so I fight with the blankets (remember, I am in a cocoon) and get to the phone. Somebody tagged my car while Rich was getting us food from Wendy’s. Luckily the tagger admitted to the police that it was her fault, and my damage is very minor. The whole time I was on the phone with Rich, Zydeco and Jessica decided they wanted treats and jumped out of their penned area and on to the couch. What did I say earlier? Murphy’s Law, go figure! πŸ˜‰

Overall, my only goals this week are to keep on trucking to better health, get a special package sent out, and to complete at least one WIP. Krista from the RI Knitter’s Meetup group has begun the “Hugs of Hope” for breast cancer victims. I aim to make a shrug with soft brightly-colored mohair for her charity. The back for Arwen has begun. Because it is my first “adult-sized sweater” pattern, I am making the smallest size. So far, I have to use my Bryspun US3 needles; the US4’s gave me 17-stitches/10cm instead of the required 18. I have decided to put my faith in the blocking gods when the time comes for seaming. Besides Arwen, I took my UFO for this month and frogged it. The Mountain Colors’ Mountain Goat was originally en route to become a pair of Thuja socks. It is in the early thumb gusset stages of becoming a pair of Manly Mitts, but the combination of Mountain Goat in Granite with Filatura Di Crosa’s Love in grey is not looking good. Looks like another frogging is coming. I think using Berocco’s Softwist Bulky in Black would make a much better pairing with the grey Love. Maybe I can use the Mountain Goat in Brooklyn Tweed’s Red Light Special hat with the light camel handspun my SP9 Spoiler sent me? I think we have a winner here!

While I was in misery feeling sorry for myself last week, reflections on my “weirdness” items appeared. Not sure why but after creating my “6 weird things about me” entry, more came out of the darkness and made themselves apparent. Think of Dolores bringing out Franklin’s ghosts and fears. In honor of Dolores, I am submitting myself to Britt’s and Nikki’s tag for entering more weird things about me. I really do hope this list stops increasing. πŸ˜‰
1. I despise getting my hands dirty when eating “hands on” foods in public. At home, I am all fingers, but at work or in a public place, I find myself eating sandwiches, piled-with-everything nachos, pizza, etc. with a knife and fork. If I do have to hold the item in question, I use a napkin or the item’s wrapper to eat it. I know this trait stems from my parents having us eat our McD sandwiches with the wrappers on like a gyro. There are only two exceptions to my little rule: fried chicken and certain Asian foods. I cannot imagine eating them any other way.
2. I am a cheese FANATIC. I used to be obsessed with gourmet food in college, then migrated to wines and cigars. I still have the yearning for better wine knowledge but now want to complement it with my love of cheese. Problem here would be money and time.
3. As much as I am terrified of insects and arachnids, I find myself wanting a large piece of property to build a farm. I feel the idea of “living off the land” as peaceful and wholly satisfying. My dream places would be in southwestern Virginia or the Eastern Shore on the DelMarVa peninsula.
4. Even though I could live without a television, once it is turned on, I am mesmerized. Currently, I have been trying to spot “Knitting on tv” and railfanning/train items. The latest knitting spot was in a Columbo mystery episode. The killer had grabbed her client’s knitting bag to find the drugs the client was taking. The bag’s contents ended up getting dumped on the dining room table, hence the pill bottles from the bag.
5. I do not mind eating vegetarian dishes as long as they are made with vegetables and not meat substitutes. No tofu please. Examples would be a veggie pizza or veggie sub.
6. I am particular about public restrooms. That is all I can say at this time. Now, is that weird enough stuff to tell? πŸ˜‰ I better check my list… =:8

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  1. It seems like everyone’s got some kind of bug. I wonder if we’re spreading it over the internet? πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for posting the pics of Susan, and of those sweet adoptables! The California buns remind me of my first bunny.

  2. Sorry to hear you were so sick. πŸ™ I’m glad your feeling better now. It stinks that your car got tagged too – as if you weren’t feeling bad enough. Don’t let yourself get discouraged about Runagogo. You can make it to your 100 Miles, I know you can. We’ve still got over two months to go. No sense rushing to the 100 miles too early – I think it’s better to spread it out over the three months so you get into the routine of daily exercise. Otherwise, if the 100 miles were done in January, we’d be back to sitting on our butts by mid-February!!

  3. Oh, I’m so sad to hear that you were sick. It’s a hard time of year – those damned bugs and viruses are relentless! I’m sending virtual hugs and hot cocoa and OJ from MA. Feel better!

  4. ” I am particular about public restrooms”

    Hoo Baby, you and me both.
    I hope you are feeling better soon…lots of bunny interaction will help you heal! πŸ˜‰

  5. Are you feeling better now? Sometimes you just need to sleep and rest in order to function normally. I am doing badly with the 100 miles before April 1 too … just managed to finish 8 miles so far!

  6. Oh dear! I hope you are feeling much better soon! It certainly is nasty when you have to bundle so much just to feel a little bit warmer! The bunnies are absolutely adorable and I just love it when you post the pictures πŸ™‚

    Take care of yourself and don’t push too fast. Rest, stay warm and have your soup and juice πŸ™‚

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