My Latest FO and a Two Swaps

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Tuesday during lunch I finally finished Aidan’s booty “shoes” which only needed to be seamed and laced. I began using the Uggs Baby Booty pattern on the “Oh Baby!” Knitty Gritty episode, but I ended up revamping the entire pattern and making it my own. They were part of my “Show and Tell” Tuesday night in Fabric Place (I accidentally left the 2 pairs of Blizzard mittens in the car!). I hope you like them. My plan is to change the pattern from a 2-needle to a DPN/circular one.

Meanwhile, I am torn between starting the Swallowtail shawls (Heidi’s in Cascade 220’s heathery grassy green, Anita’s in Misti Alpaca Lace’s pale mint, and Ma’s in New Tweed’s tomato red colorway) or knitting up more of the WIPs/froggeds into KAL projects. As much as I want to cast on for those shawls, I know I need to finish those items before I begin knitting up my gifts. So what did I do instead? I cast on the frogged Plassard’s Gagnante in dusty pink for a thinner version of the shawl featured in Knitty’s October Breast Cancer issue. Yup, this will be my 8th Clapotis and will go to one of the charities listed on Eve’s site. Plus, I am still plowing away on that first triplet’s poncho. I need to take an occasional break because knitting with cotton hurts my fingers. 🙁

Before I forget (AGAIN!), here is my SP9 Questionnaire. I had added it last week, but did not make the link so obvious on my sidebar. For some odd reason, I could not get the red to show up correctly in the title. Just figure that when I am about to start the SP9 swap, I finished another. My Knitters Tea Swap 2 Spoilee received her package Tuesday morning. Miss Mary and her kitties liked everything! It was so fun shopping for this swap. Many thanks to Suzie for organizing it and for Marie hostessing our group, too! Because I am such a proud momma on what I sent, I will leave you with the link to the goodies on her blog. =:8

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  1. Your bunner’s booties/uggboots are adorable. I like the bunner too. Did you knit him.

    Gee…I wonder if Gretchen would like some booties?

  2. I have Clapotis envy! I absolutely love that design. You amaze me that you have made 8!!!
    (((giving standing knitter’s ovation)))
    Keep up all the good work, and kiss those bunnies for me!

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