Time for Secret Pal!

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What a great surprise when I arrived home to see a fat green envelope with my name on it. The kelly green reminds me of shamrocks on Saint Patrick’s Day and of soft grass under your feet. I started to tear into the opening, and ended up fighting with the envelope’s seal. I pulled and pulled but no budge in this industrial strength bond. That’s one tough package. Must find more like it!

Well, as always, I will start off with what spilled out first.

Is that sushi card not cool or what? And the pansy stickers are great! I heart stationery! Next we have…

A Bunny buddy, chocolate squares, and little sheep card(ette?)s. The sheep are great for gift-giving! The next item up to spill out felt plush and soft. Hmmm…

In keeping with the green mood, I discovered a wool made in Pennsylvania. Awesome! I enjoy finding local yarns to collect, I mean, play with. 😉

Oooooo. What have we here?? Cascade 220 in a gorgeous shade of green! I always loved the softness of Cascade 220. It was one of the first yarns I worked with (and still do).

I… GOT… BUNNIES!!! And I know exactly which yarn and pattern I am going to use with them too! But that will be a surprise for you folks for later.

Wow! When Ruth had this yarn at her store, and I would find myself checking out the shine and softness. I never thought I would have some. And here is the final photo of everything together.

Thanks ZDL! I already have been eating the chocolate, and the sheep squares are being put to use for presents! Awesome for you to think of great items for me. =:8

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  1. OOOH!!!!
    What a lovely collection of green things…I love that sushi card and Cascade 220!!! My absolute favorite! I heart everything you received!

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