Shrunken Bun Meets Low Mojo

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When Helene and I arrived for yoga yesterday, we were met with a surprise cancellation. Rasha had been taking care of her roommate’s dog while he was out on business, and the pup had hurt its leg. Since the poor dog had been acting strangely for the past couple of days, she took it to the veterinary clinic early in the afternoon and it kind of went downhill from there. The dog had a pretty high temperature so she was a bit freaked out. After calling her cell phone and not reaching her, we walked over to the FocusPoint office. Of course that is when she called me back and left me a message. Anyway, we did get a hold of each other and hope the puppy is okay.

Since yoga was cancelled, I dropped Helene back at her place, and mailed out Debbie’s Mainstay yarn and Ma’s birthday card. I checked in with Rich and picked up a few things at the grocery, then filled the car up with gas before heading home. Throughout all these errands, a to-do knitting list was going around in my head: Sew up, add face, and shave matted ends for felted bunny; finish and block the baby set (kimono, bib, and washcloth); send out the flyers for “Walk and Knit” and “KIP Day in Providence’s Waterplace Park”; re-cast and knit my Amazing Lace camisole in my more comfortable way; continue the Diamond Fantasy Shawl; ball up the 3rd hank of Softwist Bulky for my SP8’s Clapotis; continue the other baby set I started at the baseball game on Tuesday… The list seemed never-ending, and it droned over and over while I listened to the Yankees and Tigers game on the radio. I think that’s when the bad feeling of dejection started. 🙁

I came home to find Rich watching Batman Returns instead of the ballgame. He was surprised why I would want to see the Yankees (or any other team for that matter) if the Red Sox were not playing them. Not sure about you folks, but I totally (imagine a giant HEART pounding loudly) LOVE baseball. The game combines strategy, skill, and luck. Basically my favorite part is that a pitcher must figure out how to get the batter out while the batter must figure out how to hit whatever thrown ball is given and to see if it can be placed somewhere in the field without being caught. Granted, home runs are cool, and grand slams even better, but nothing beats a well-placed single or double to get a score. Anyway, he let me watch the game on the HD by going upstairs to play Delta Force with his online buddies. With my Greek pizza slices, lots of milk, and my felted bunny in front of me, I was ready.

Before I knew the time had gone, it was four innings later, and still no complete bunner. I had looked for my crochet case which hold my seaming needles, but could not find the case. I then checked my pincushion for large-eyed needles, but none was there. The more I looked at Bunner, the more uncertain I was on gifting him. Would he be loved as much I love him? Will he just be given to a dog as a chew toy? Will he be teased because (as Rich pointed out) one ear and one foot was larger than the mate? Will I mess up his black button eyes and crookedly sew his nose and mouth? I held him close like a tiny infant during the entire game while these thoughts keep plaguing me. For now, he is still unfinished, patiently awaiting my decision. These feelings must have affected my mojo, because I do not feel any need to work on anything from my list either. I am a bummed out bunner. =:8

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  1. awww….i don’t believe handknits are supposed to be perfect. sure, they must fall within a standard deviation from the pattern, but i don’t believe they should be relegated to a status of absolute perfection because then the effort is forced.
    i always feel like that about my handknits, too. i always ask myself if the recipient will appreciate the effort that went into it, and i wonder if the recipient will use the item as intended. i also fear that my handknitted gifts will fall apart and pray that it’s from use rather than poor workmanship. 😉
    if you’re not pressured by time constraints, let yourself “love the bunny into being.” try not to feel discouraged, and know that the gratification you get from the bunner’s completion would be more satisfactory that way.
    take care!

  2. Just keep adding things and you’ll see what a cutie he will be…and if you don’t like a result you can always change it! I sewed some bunnies a while back and they all looked so glum. Years later I re-embroidered their mouths and now they are just happy happy!

  3. Hi Kimberly,

    From the time I sent you that yarn from the Knit Out I have checked in on your blog every couple of days to see what you are up to. Gosh, wish we lived closer as you would keep me so motivated in all aspects of life. You always seem so busy but under control. I love hearing of all your “projects”. Right now I’m desperately trying to finish crocheting a throw for my son’s 1st grade teacher and a baby blanket for my daughters 3rd grade teacher. Both of these need to be done by June 22nd. EKKKK! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and keeping in touch that way. Have a good weekend. Joanne

  4. Oh, your Bunner is adorable. I’d have a hard time parting with him myself.

    Okay, please tell me your not KNITTING a clapotis for your SP8?!! If you are, you have now put all of us other SP8’s to shame. I do like the baby package idea though. Might have to steal that one from ya. Where did all these pregnant ladies come from?????

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