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Crazy Bunnies Everywhere!

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Well maybe not everywhere, but this crazy bunny ended up playing in our fourth softball game Thursday night because of the “3 women must be on the playing field” rule in our league. What? I never mentioned that I play softball? Teehee, nobunny is missing much. I had never played before until a month after I started working at my new job and was told about a team being formed. Knowing that I lack the hand-eye-coordination to catch or bat, I warned folks that as much as I would like to play, I would not be a good player but would be a good cheerleader. With the first two games postponed due to rain, somehow I ended up in the batting line-up in the third game. I surprised myself by actually hitting the ball for a base hit and out-running the throw to first! Wow! Excited from being able to get on base, I called my (high school jock) sister “Ace” after the game. I could tell she was proud for me. 🙂 Admittedly I think losing the extra weight helped in running around the bases. Now if I could only lose those last additional pounds… 😉
Me at BatpaddingMy attempt to catch the ballpaddingMe on base and miserablepaddingGood game congrats
Clicking the photo of myself on base will show how badly I felt during Thursday’s game. I kept coughing up a storm, and my misery was evident. We did win 24 to 17, so at least my pain amounted to something! One of the coolest shots is of us after we said “good game” to the other team when everything was over. The three men in the middle consist of one of my co-workers Ron (#11), my boss Jerry (grey cap), and QA extra-ordinaire Mike (with glasses). The photos above are from a friend from work, Misha. He has a fabulous camera and is one of our team’s “official” photographers. The photo below shows the other photographer Rich M. in the background and Misha in the foreground. I remember taking the photo, but was getting agitated because I could not find it. Later I realized that I was using the coach’s camera, not mine. DUH! The other photo happened when I drove home on Thursday. Right after the game, it began to rain, then it downpoured. Driving on the newly grooved Route 128 highway was not fun. Attempting to Kinnear a rainbow in the downpour is also not fun! Please excuse the blurriness, but it was the only shot of many that shows the colors best.
RichM and MishapaddingRainbow while driving Rte 128 South
Now with the title mentioning bunnies, I just had to post some recent photos that I took of my fur-children in action. 😉 Today Zydeco kept flopping on his side, so I just could not resist snapping the camera at him. The other is his “giving disapproval” look on taking his photo the other night.
Zydeco floppedpaddingDisapproving Zydeco
For the crazy part, Julius is still pining for a girlfriend and keeps hoping Jessica Bunny will give in and be his. Unfortunately for him, this middle-aged biddy has other thoughts. By the way, that photo of her and him together is her biting him in an attack!
Julius visiting Jessica BunnypaddingJessica Bunny biting Julius
Teehee! Time for the Secret Pal 12 Question of Week 8!
What is your favorite supper for a hot summer evening? (For added “flavor”, post a photo or recipe link)
With this SP12 question, I had to think for a bit but only for a short time. My favorite meal ever during the summer was just over (gasp!) 13 years ago. My sister Ace, our room-mate Anita, their (now husbands) boyfriends, my “puppy” (that was what my rugby teammates referred to the hapless creature), and I cooked a bushel of blue-crab along with a couple pounds of butter. Pair that with cases of cold beer and white German wine, and that is a feast to remember! Lately I have a tendency to pick up 2-3 pounds of King crab legs or large shrimp. Somehow those and lobster salad sandwiches seem to be the summer treat in the house. However, since showing a photo is mentioned, I will happily show everyone what I eat about every morning. A two-egg omelet (well that day it was a frittata) of bacon, cheese, onions, and tomatoes paired with a parfait of fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt. Add my cup of tea and loads of water, that is what I eat daily for my diet! =:8
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  1. I play softball too! I’m halfway decent, at least I was last season. I’ve only played one game this season!

  2. Good for you! I always hated softball in elementary school. Never could hit the ball and never could catch the ball. If by some miracle I was walked to 1st base I could run the bases. so much better at kickball!

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