Getting Busy Playing Ball!

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Baseball is something I can obsess over besides anything knitting related. After playing my first game of softball, I find myself desperately wanting to improve so I can make those awesome catches that the professionals do so easily. To refresh a couple of memories, I adore baseball and HAVE to watch it daily. If I cannot watch a Major League Baseball game — does not matter who — I listen on the car radio and root for the team who has players that I like.
Walking into Gate BpaddingWatching some practicepaddingOur seats in Section 92paddingOur view of the field
This past Sunday was a special treat. A month or so ago, I spotted an email from Red Sox nation saying “enter for a chance to win tickets for RI Day” and did so. I shared the links with other RI pals, but ironically, non-RI-native me won a chance! On the day allotted to purchase the tickets, I was sick in bed. If there was anything I was going to do while miserably sick, it was to at least buy those tickets! When noon hit, I did my best to grab the best seats as possible, and managed to get 4 box seats in right field. I had no idea how close the seats in the park, but I did not care. The original idea was to see if a couple of friends could join us too to share in the fun. Lo and behold, newlyweds Kerri and Mike were interested in the tickets and were up for a great afternoon.
Kerri and Mike's Wedding Card Box -- Their Green Monster!paddingA quartet of baseball fans
To say that Kerri and Mike are Red Sox fans is the biggest understatement of a lifetime. They had looked into having their wedding at both Fenway and McCoy Stadium, but decided that the emptiness would feel too odd and offer a non “Red Sox” feeling. Plus, they told me that just to get married on the Fenway Park roof started with a $3000 fee — does not include the food/catering! In other words, to get married on field itself, be prepared to start the tab at $15000. FYI: Years ago in 1998 having a Disney wedding required spending at least $10000. Sorry, I would rather have that over Fenway. But I digress…
Manny discontinuedpaddingSitting with WallypaddingCoco getting into positionpaddingOkijima practicing
To say we had a blast at the game is an understatement. Though we could have done without the rain delay, the dark clouds that were in the sky were ominous. Add the lightning and the weather was not quite as nice. I took a ton of photos, so much that the camera’s battery died in the 7th inning! Hope everybunny enjoys them. =:8
Silly GirlpaddingFans singing 'O Bay O Bay O Bay O Bay!'paddingTrying to catch the lightningpaddingPulling the tarp

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  1. Looks like you had a great time at the game! I love how many knitting baseball fans there are out there.

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