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Saturday Sky on my Birthday :)

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I present to you a Virginia Beach Saturday Sky, courtesy of my sister’s back yard. After days of rain and wind, there are no clouds in the sky on this beautiful day.

My time off is quickly ebbing like the tide disappearing into the ocean. Luckily I have been able to celebrate this week with friends and family alike. In the middle of the visiting and dinners, I have been able to pull off a Finished Object for you to see.

Oui, mes amis, Clapotis est finis! C’est magnifique, non? My only concern is that the yarn is Plassard’s Gagnante in dusty pink acrylic and may not be as soft or warm as possible for the recipient. I actually would have had it done earlier, but I had to frog (ALL the way back!) one of the straight repeats because I ran out of yarn. That is totally my fault for not bringing my kitchen scale with me. (SIGH) I really despise having leftover yarn. So what did I try to do? Make a pair of baby anklets out of the teensy ball. No such luck. I may attempt miniature socks or mittens as a gift decoration. We shall see. Meanwhile, here is another WIP to use up leftover project yarn.

I started another pair of Knitty’s Fetching fingerless gloves. After I made that first pair of red New Tweeds for Shalyn’s birthday present, I totally understand how easy it is to knit more. Previously, I had knitted 3 socks out of the Schaeffer’s Helene. Since the first sock was my “test” on knitting an adult size, it was quite large and not what I expected. Rather than waste that beautiful yarn, I decided that I would take that one sock and turn it into a pair of fingerless gloves. So far, so good! Oh, and by the way, in the photo above, notice the nails? My sister’s birthday present to me was a manicure AND pedicure. It was not only fun, but very relaxing. I forgot how much it is nice being pampered and being just a “girly” girl for a couple of hours. 🙂

Though the bunnies are not with me, here are a couple of animal photos to distract you. My sister has a dog and 2 cats. One of the kitties, Mittens, is EXTREMELY shy and refuses to come near anyone. Of course, Mittens is the one I like to photograph because her shyness draws you to her. Here she is in her chubby cuteness with her buddy Jake.

Besides photographing Mittens and Jake, I was able to visit with (BIL’s sister) Margaret and (her husband) Rick’s Golden Retriever girl. Badger has the sweetness of my Natasha, and seeing her just-whitened face makes me want another senior Golden even more. I think it is funny that Badger does similar tricks that Tasha did like balancing a dog biscuit on her nose until you tell her that it is “okay” to grab it, or that she will “stay put” until you say it is “okay” for her to eat. I really miss my Baby Girl whenever I see wonderful Goldens like Badger. 🙁

Today I am hoping for one very selfish thing: that my beloved Hokies deny those darn Cavaliers the chance to go Bowling this year. Well, actually, the perk of VA Tech winning is that UVA does not get their final win to be Bowl eligible. I am such a competitor when it comes to my school. 🙂 (Winking at Robin from my seat) Let’s GO TECH!! Go, Hokies, GO!! =:8

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  1. I got my prize in the mail yesterday, thanks so much for the pretty grey alpaca. 🙂 I’m not sure if I’ll make socks with it cuz I’m a little worried they would wear out too fast, but I’m sure I’ll find something lovely to make.

    The animals are so cute, and the kitty in front (not sure if that is Mittens or Jake) looks like my two.

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a good one! Your clapotis came out great and the fingerless mitts look good too. The fetching pattern is such a quick and easy pattern. I’m knitting on my fourth pair right now.

  3. Hi Kimberly! Glad you liked the tutorial! Of course you can join us for the FPS KAL….you can help us decide on a start date…Jan.1 or Feb. 1….we’re gonna post more info in December on both blogs and see what the interest level is – whether we do a real KAL or just share info on all of our blogs! I admit I’m getting excited! We’ll keep you posted!

  4. I was just looking at the elegant hand and then thought to myself
    ” aah, the good old days of manicure and pedicures”! (showoff!) 🙂

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    I hope you got my email about receiving the lovely alpaca and the mohair =)
    Thanks so much. Hope you had wonderful day, you totally deserve it!

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