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Tonight before the RI Knitters Meetup Post Holiday party, I stopped by the Yarns at Lacewings location in Warwick, RI. I wanted to pick up the latest issue of Vogue Knitting because I saw a very interesting man’s sweater pattern. Unfortunately, the issue was not there yet, but owner Mary Auger is making some neat additions to her store. Besides her new blog, “Yarns at Lace Wings” on Blogspot, Mary is setting up a cafe for knitters in the Warwick shop. Please welcome her to the blogging fold with a comment, and definitely say I mentioned her name. I will wait here until you finish.

Now that I have mentioned “comfort patterns” maybe I should add “comfort yarn” to the mix. Currently I have no favorites, but I am very in love with the handspun yarn that my SP9 Spoiler made. Using her suggestion of knitting a hat with it, I thought I would combine the soft chocolate brown wool with the beautiful Marble (colorway Berries) that was gifted to me by Debbie (from Gotta Knit!). Without swatching, I began a hat that ended up just a bit too large. No matter, because I went ahead and created a giant ball of the combined yarns and plan on knitting up a hat and matching wristwarmers. Who knows, but I may knit up a nice slimmer scarf to wear indoors since my Clapotis is just a bit thick. Time for me to obsess on the details!

Speaking of details… I never did give any solid statistics on the knitted Red Scarf, Dulaan hats, and my sister’s Butterfly Table Runner. Without further delay, I submit them as blog-reading fodder.

  • Red Scarf Project
    Pattern: based on Heartstrings Fiberarts’ “Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket”
    Yarn: Classi Elite Montera in royal blue and maroon
    Needles: Inox metal US9 circular
    Dimensions: 60-inches by 8-inches
    Pattern Notes: Added one extra purl stitch inbetween the 2 repeats
    Would I knit it again? Yes
  • Charity Hat 01
    Pattern: My own cap creation from the top of my head
    Yarn: Filaturi’s 7 Settembre in light brown (superwash wool)
    Needles: US5 / 3.75mm
    Dimensions: Cannot remember
    Pattern Notes: Made for an infant-sized head
    Would I knit it again? Sure
  • Charity Hat 02
    Pattern: My own doubled creation from the top of my head
    Yarn: Filaturi’s 7 Settembre in light brown (superwash wool)
    Needles: US5 / 3.75mm
    Dimensions: Cannot remember
    Pattern Notes: Made for an infant-sized head
    Would I knit it again? Sure
  • Charity Hat 03
    Pattern: My own created from the top of my head
    Yarn: 2 strands of Mark & Kattens’ Feelings in the dark green and dark purple colorways (52% wool and 48% acrylic)
    Needles: Cannot remember
    Dimensions: Cannot remember
    Pattern Notes: Made for an adult-sized head
    Would I knit it again? Sure
  • Ace’s Southwest Table Runner
    Pattern: based on the Butterfly Shawl from the book “Folk Shawls” by Cheryl Oberle
    Yarn: 11 ounces of Cherry Tree Hill’s Twister in an unknown colorway (99% merino wool, 1% rayon)
    Needles: Inox metal US9 circulars
    Dimensions: after washing and blocking, 19-inches wide and 95-inches in length. I was expecting it to be wider and longer, but it FELTED. 🙁
    Pattern Notes: CTH wool and I must not click because AGAIN it slightly felted (just like my Clapotis!).
    Would I knit it again? Sure, but definitely with another yarn

One last detail to mention is the newest addition to my sidebar. I created something for myself to track my stash decreases. I am debating on including swap items, prizes, and my purchases. Admittedly I did by 50 grams of pink mohair from the “Destash for Cash” blog. Not including that single purchase, the weaned count at this time is just about 2912 grams which amounts to about 6.42 pounds. My overall goal? I really do not have one, but it would be nice to drop 3 to 5 pounds a month for this year. Now if I could only do the same with my weight and get in shape to run that 8k in March! =:8

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  1. I’m really impressed with your determination to run the 8k. I’ve never been a runner (unless being chased by something scary), and probably never will be.

    Since moving in with my in-laws, and not being able to have a job until my immigration status is updated, I’ve been looking for ways to get out of the house. I think I’ll be visiting vets and the humane society to see if they need help petting their animals or something. Won’t my cats love to smell me after a day of hanging out with complete strangers?

  2. Hi – It was nice to meet you and get to go to my very first knitting group last night. The picture looks good, not that anybody really likes the way they look in pictures 🙂 . Thanks also for the link to Lacewings – I’ll have to check it out!

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