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Comfort Patterns and Bunnies to the Rescue

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Since I discovered 10 days ago that my housewarming package (ordered waaaaay before Christmas) to a special friend went AWOL in Home D’s online store, I have been doing my best to find something to replace the ornament and gingerbread mold set without forking over a fortune (aka Williams-Sonoma). And no, I refuse to retry Home D again because I am THAT disappointed. When I called about the order and was tranferred several times, I was finally told that since the order slipped from their system, I would have to order everything again, then call back 24-hours later to confirm that it was processed and did not repeat going AWOL. IMHO a customer should not have to do follow up an order which emailed a comfirmation, especially during a busy time. I have found another ornament, thank goodness. To my disappointment, the one store that I though would carry the GM set does not have any in stock. I may have to find something completely different now. AUGH, I despise mix-ups! At this point, I am thinking of making something instead. I will turn to my Stash for consultation on this matter and see what it advises.

Up front, I did not post on Saturday, mostly because the skies here in Rhode Island have been quite dismal and the same boring bleak grey. A perfect example is the above photo taken of the Mohegan Sun Casino’s hotel when I went with Lorena and Helene to exchange a birthday gift from my MIL. We had gone on Sunday to check out the amount of shopping damage that could be done. Unfortunate for us, I could not find anything in the store that was in my taste. In exasperation, I asked my shopping partners if they could spot something, and both agreed that store had nothing fitting me. Worst of all, I could not return the item in exchange for points (like cash within the casino). Seeing my disappointment, the manager advised for my MIL to return the item to get her points back, and then find something for me in another store. Thankfully the day was salvaged with a visit to Godiva and Odessea. There were so many stores that we liked, yet did not have the time to visit. I also forgot to photograph Ace’s Southwest Table Runner. With the day so damp, I did not want to risk damaging it.

Meanwhile on standby, they are always patiently waiting — the patterns most often reached for and made. Just like a good bowl of “mac and cheese” or a steaming cup of hot chocolate, when drawing a blank (or just wanting to make SOMETHING mindless) with a particular yarn, I end up crocheting or knitting certain items. Because I do not have any baby blankets to make as of late, my “Kimberly’s favorite baby blanket” has not been used since May. As for knitted items, I would have to say that Kate Gilbert’s Clapotis is a long standing favorite because I am now working on my eighth one! I cannot explain why I use the pattern so much, but I think it is due to the sizing changeability for different yarn types and amounts. On this Clapotis I am using the Brooks Farm’s Harmony that I scored off eBay a few months back. I had my doubts for it as a Clapotis at first and thought I should use the Double diamond lace pattern, but on my Clover bamboo US7 circulars, the fabric is quickly becoming what I had hoped. The colorway “Soulful” is full of blues and dark green teals dotted with charcoal black. Because I only have 500 yards, it will be a stole due to the lessened number of increased repeats. The silk/mohair blend makes the resulting fabric soft, light, airy, and almost sheer when held up to the light. I am only praying that the recipient likes it as much as I do! Of course I could always replace my currently Clapotis with this one… 😉

Another picker-upper, playing with the bunnies at PetSmart’s Adoption Center always puts me in a good mood. Even though these sweeties are shy and skittish, each one becomes a little clown when in the “comfort zone” of happiness. I am hoping that all of them will learn to trust our volunteering hands and run around our feet in time. =:8

Darling Jasper is still there without his mother Pepper

Sweet young friendly James is a Japanese Harlequin (like my Zydeco)

Click on Cindy and Tango’s photo to see Cindy awake

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  1. That sucks about your Home D order getting lost. I’m glad you were able to find a replacement. And I hope those sweet bunnies find good humans to worship them!

  2. James is sure a cutie, but then they all are. Hope you find something bigger and better. Customer service seems to be going the way of the dial phone.

  3. I don’t understand why businesses don’t know how important customer service is. It’s just crazy – they should be jumping over themselves to straighten out the order. Grrr. Ah, Mohegan Sun . . . . Love your new Clap, and the bunnies are so cute!!

  4. If only HD knew how much money I was giving them. Should I find a manager and kick them, just out of sheer spite? 😉
    Beautiful clap! One of these days I’m going to make one. But first, I need a pair of mittens and a hat for myself and some felted clogs for the whole fam’ and and and … alas, all the practicalities of a knitter’s life. So … show those clap pix so I can live vicariously. I love ’em.

  5. Thanks for visiting. I liked the math problem too!

    8 Clapotis (hmmm…what would the plural be – Clapoti??). I’m still working on #1 – it’s next on my list after CeCe.

  6. I hate lousy customer service! I had a issue with an online photo processing and even though 99% of my order was perfect, I’m reluctant to use them again because of how badly I was treated over one photo…which I still don’t have! I hope your issue is resolved soon.

    I posted a bunch of stock show bunny pictures. I know these babies are going to have a tough life as stock show bunnies…but they are very cute. Wish I could buy them all…but my girls would be very angry with me. LOL

  7. That’s to bad about the mix up. I hate when things like that happen but I’m glad you were able to find solice in your knitting. Love the new Clapotis. Such beautiful calming colors!

  8. Okay, I am offically in love with James the bunny.
    He is gorgeous.
    I think Olive is also in love. 😉
    Can’t wait to see the new Clapotis, I’m sure it is beautiful.

  9. Aw those are some sweet looking bunnies. I’ll bet they love to get to play with you. Maybe one day I will get a brofur like Bunny Daddy keeps saying.

  10. Argh, bad customer service, easiest way to kill a business, but some don’t even care. Oh well.

    Your clapotis…ah…this yarn you are using looks so good!

    The bunnies are as cute as ever!

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