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Opening Doors of Friendship

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Tuesday was Bunny-Volunteer time for me, and I present the latest group at Petsmart up for adoption.

Jasper was still there without his mother Pepper

Little Miss Silverbelle, aka “Belle” is a cute, but jittery Netherland Dwarf

Mischievous partners in crime, bright Mario and smoldering Olivia

There is nothing in the world like forming friendships around the globe. Some read this blog for the fibery goodness (currently a lack there of!), others for the weekly bunny-fix. For the few who actually like to hear me gab “about the world we live in and life in general,” this post is for everyone I have met online and in person.

I constantly wish that I could thank everyone in person who has ever stopped by my little slice of the web. Blogging gives me the chance to learn so many things in this world, and write about what I see around it. (Raising mug in the air) Here’s to all of you in humble thanks.

To end this entry, I leave the Meme “6 Weird Things about Me” in which I was tagged by the fabulous Jen at AlumCreek with her bunner, Gretchen.

  • 1st: I never learned how to braid my new-found (as in since senior year in high school) long hair until late into my freshman year at Virginia Tech. I only knew how to put my hair up in a bun for ROTC (UGG-LEE!). Later, a kind soul in the form of my newly-found hairdresser took pity on me and gave the time to teach me the French Braid and French Twist.
  • 2nd: I am hooked on Star Trek and the “Murder, She Wrote” series. I know I mentioned these shows before, but I really like how Jessica Fletcher demonstrates that paying attention to minor details can crack a crime!
  • 3rd: I have difficulty driving in pouring rainstorms. Back in 1992, I had a car accident driving after work to my then-BF’s house. Because the visibility was so poor, I did not realize that I was in the emergency breakdown lane until I saw the abandoned car. Long story short, I was traumatized after losing control of the car. The next time I had to drive in a storm, I had a panic attack and had to pull over to the side of the road until the rain stopped.
  • 4th: I like my drinks hotter than “normal” like warm milk or room temperature beer. When I am really sick, I drink a mug of orange juice heated in the microwave.
  • 5th: I have loved bunnies since my Mother made me a ceramic white bunny with blue eyes pulling a wheelbarrow. I was either 3 or 4 years-old. Yes, I still have “Susan” but without the wheelbarrow’s cover that Ma engraved my name into. If asked nicely, I will try to photograph her for all to see.
  • 6th: I am a techie geek at heart when it applies to work. Currently I have been reading up on 3-phase power in electrical engineering, internet monitoring systems, and doing my best to understand the mechanics of air conditioning. It is no wonder I turn to knitting for a break!

Whew! That took a bit to write. Anyone surprised or freaked out yet? =:8

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  1. Don’t worry, it takes a lot more than that to freak us out!! Please, if you would be so kind, can you post a picture of Susan? Thank you so much!!

  2. Those are not that weird. I love reading your blog. I started because of the Knitting, but in the end I only read the knitting blogs that i like reading even when the post isn’t about fiber. Keep up the good work.

  3. You’re not weird…that’s all quite interesting…the ceramic bunny Susan? Would LOVE to see a photo…is that asking “nicely” enough?

  4. Oh those bunnies are just to cute. How can they not be snapped up?

    ROTC? now that was a surprise.

    heated OJ? Gross! course I’m not big on OJ

    oh how funny about Murder, She Wrote! I find myself watching that too at times.

  5. Yes. Very freaked out. You are so, so weird. 😛

    Seriously, you are as normal as the rest of us. 🙂

    And those bunnies, so so cute. Don’t tell my cats, but I think I want one.

  6. Now, I do heat apple juice up in the microwave when I am sick…but orange juice? That is pretty wierd.

    I love the bunny pictures. I hope they find forever homes.

  7. My gosh, the bunny cuteness!!! You know, our little cat is almost 18 years by now and slowly preparing to leave us – and we already decided that when she’s gone, we won’t get another cat as none could replace her. Anyhow, we decided to get ourselves a lil’ bunny instead – when this occurs, may I ask you for a bit of advice on how to keep it/them properly and all the little tidbits that I’m not yet aware of? I want to give it/them the best possible home!!!

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