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Guilding it UP

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Wednesday night on the tenth proved to be a very fun and educational round of learning. After being introduced by Vickie of Island Yarn Company to their fabulous president Kate, I joined the Metro West Guild and attended my first meeting at the public library in Needham, MA. The group was a lively bunch, and after the “show and tell” of our current/finished projects that were brought in, we shared our favorite gadgets for crafting notions. Later, we voted on what classes we would like Lucy Neatby to teach us in March using a technique which required us to vote with dot-shaped stickers.
Wollmeise - Regenbogen Cake
At one point when I was being introduced, somebunny said, “Oh I already know who YOU are. We have been checking out your stash!” And when I was talking to Sue, I spied Kate (the president) and grabbed my precious cake of Regenbogen to show her. I placed it in her hand and asked if she could identify it. Touching the yarn, she shook her head. Sue then held it and began to stroke the cake like it was a kitten. When I finally fessed up that the cake was Wollmeise 100% Superwash, Sue turned away from me. Kate began to tease her by saying I will want that back. Sue’s reply? “Hahaha! I have seen her stash. She’d never miss it.” Of course, I stuck out my hand and Sue put it back in my possession.
The waiting line at a distancepaddingRegistering into the GuildpaddingWren Ross and CompanypaddingMelodie from the Metro West Guild
It was a fun evening chatting with the folks that I met. One of them, Melodie, had issues with her Clapotis WIP. I promised her that I would bring both of mine when we saw each other in two days. Her skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy are the same dyelot, but the change between the sections could be seen when peered closely. Oh, what was in two days? Let me tell! 🙂
Trying to get Franklin's laptop to workpaddingThe crowd is growingpaddingTaking photos of uspaddingGuido's Introduction
Friday the 12th was a big day for the Common Cod Guild. It was the first meeting, and to kick it off, Franklin Habit was in town to talk about knitting. To cut to the short of it all, I present more photos.
The scarf, take 1paddingThe scarf, take 2paddingThe scarf, take 3paddingFranklin's Sister and the Christening ShawlpaddingFranklin with my SP12's SockspaddingGuido having a laugh
I will admit one little thing about that night… When I first spied Franklin outside the speaking hall greeting Mel, I wanted to drop everything and pick him up for a huge bunny hug. Instead I froze, and whispered to Melodie, “I so want to run up to him right now and hug him.” She said, “Why not? I am sure he would not mind one bit.” Later on after seeing Lucy Lee from Mind’s Eye Yarns, I told her that I wanted to see Franklin but was too shy/chicken. She then walked me over and introduced me to him! All I will say is that he is awesome, and that everyone should come see him.
Franklin rolling up the scarfpaddingChris, Michelle, and ErickapaddingMyself, Michelle, and ErickapaddingThe feet of my SP 12's socks
After Franklin’s talk, there was a lot of chitchatting and laughter. I managed to get another photo with Deborah — hunnybee33 on Ravelry, and exchanged hugs with Kathy (Grumperina) for a fan of hers. Of course my friends Michelle, Ericka, and Chris were there and we all did quick shots.
Blanket photo 01paddingDeborah and MepaddingChris making a facepaddingEricka and Chris
Later, when cleaning up was finished, we all decided to walk over to The Asgard on Massachusetts Avenue. Guido had raved about the Truffle Tater Tots which are fried tater tots tossed with truffle oil, parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper. Of course with our luck, we get a cranky Irish (or maybe he was Welsh) server who gave the bad news that the Truffle Tater Tots were 86’ed off the menu by then. We still made good with the rest of the menu. My coconut shrimp and avocado salad was surprisingly filling with lots of shrimp and avocado. I was expecting something skimpy. The desserts looked delicious, and from the faces of those who ordered them, I would say they were! =:8
Leaving MITpaddingWalking to The Asgard
Grabbing dinner, one sidepaddingGrabbing dinner, side two

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