Thy Rockstar Cometh

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Wednesday night was the much anticipated visit of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to Cambridge, Massachusetts for the Boston-based Common Cod Guild founded by Guido Stein. Sponsored by Mind’s Eye Yarns and Porter Square Books, the speaking event was held in a church. Yes, I stated correctly, The Harlot was going to present her latest speech to us as we sat in a gorgeous setting of the classically built Saint James’ Episcopal Church in Cambridge, MA. 🙂
The congregation of the Yarn Harlot
Before the 7 o’clock hand hit, a few of us decided to meet at Pizzaria Uno to grab a bite, drink, and/or knit. In attendence was Patience, Dina (dinajill on Ravelry), Melissa (Meliabella on Ravelry) of Keegan Lane Yarns, and Suzanne (OwlKnits on Ravelry) of Knit-A-Yarn and the “Owl Knits” blog. Funny story about seeing Suzanne — while driving to Uno’s, I saw her sitting on the church steps as the first person in line. I convinced her to come join us for food/drink and that she need not worry about sitting in the front. She warily walked over, and I do hope she enjoyed hanging out with us!
Guido preparing Stephanie's pulpitsomebunnysloveGuido preparing Stephanie's pulpit
There were a few minutes of fussing around as Guido made sure all was working in order. He offered a short introduction, and we noisily may have ignored it. However, as Stephanie began to speak, a hush fell about the entire church like a congregation readying its ears for the sermon. She proudly shared with us her latest finished object, her “Proud as a Peacock” shawl of Fiddlesticks “Peacock Feathers” pattern. For this visit, Stephanie had a treat for us. Instead of talking about her book, she read a snippet from it. Except for Stephanie’s soft voice, a pin could be heard if dropped on the floor.
The line at the back.somebunnysloveThe line at the front.somebunnysloveThe line at the signing tablesomebunnysloveSigning her hand off
After her reading, there was a question and answer session, then the book signing began. During that time, I patiently waited by chatting with folks and photographing a couple of Clapotis.
A purple Clapotis

Finally, I was able to see Stephanie and offer up my humble gift, a veggie pizza from Pizzaria Uno just for her.
Stephanie and her pizza
And as the story ends on her blog, she was so excited, she leaped out from behind the table and hugged me. I must have done well with my gift! As I like to say, “Ut prosim” which means, “That I may serve.” =:8

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