Twisting Tonsils with Scotch

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Somehow, since my move to Blacksburg I have become associated with a couple of groups who appreciate the finer things in life by way of art, play, food, and drink. When social media is added to the mix, poof! A crafty Bunny with dangerous tools comes to mind. To catch everybunny up to date, here is a quick blurb of the last week or so…
A Woven Stole by Lilly Marsh Gifted to SomeBunny :)
Back at the end of March, I was interviewed by the amazing and talented Lilly Marsh from Lafayette, Indiana. She has been working on her thesis and asked me to participate as one of the “Modern Knitters” she considered in today’s current trends. After a wonderful time on the phone, she asked if she could send me something in appreciation for my time. I had absolutely NO idea she would send me the incredible stole shown above. To see the beautiful dogwood pattern, please please please click on the photo. The color is gorgeous and stunning on me. I proudly wore this garment for Easter and when I made my debut at STITCHES South. Lilly, if you are reading this post, please know that I have been working on something as a “thank you” to you, and that I hope to finish it before I see you at STITCHES Midwest!
A Bunny by AKG Gifted to SomeBunny :)
Another cute item gifted to me was this sweet bunny from the Atlanta Knitting Guild. I had hosted a contest on my KniTalk blog, and the winning name was drawn: Thea Midnight offered Jeffrey and that is his name. Thea won XRX, Inc’s latest book “Think Outside the SOX” along with some sock yarn and stitch markers. I do hope she likes them!
Scotch for SomeBunny
Now for the tongue twisting… While sitting at the Waverly’s lounge, I noticed their nice selection of Scotch. I just could not resist photographing my glass of Oban on a Tosca Blu cocktail nap. Seeing it gives me an artsy glow on that entire weekend and excites me for STITCHES Midwest in August! Will I see you there in Chicago? I do hope so. =:8

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