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Exchanging into Summer

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The past two weeks have been a mite busy. As usual Ravelry and knitting suck up my attention, then work and the daily commute take up the rest. Since going “full-time with Ravelry” blogging had been put on hold and I have been slowly inputting back entries which cover the bigger events since April. To help with my slump, I figured that joining Secret Pal 12 would get me back on the writing saddle. But what is a blog entry without photos and side stories?
Killer Rabbit in Pieces
Above are the pieces of a Killer Rabbit. This little rabbit has been a challenge for me because I despise hand-sewing and knitting with 100% acrylic. I started this little guy on May 10th to kick off the anniversary celebrating Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Note how I am trying to make him look like “Seize the Bun” Caesar. I think my target is going to love him! The next time I make this pattern, I plan on embedding the ears as I knit the head, using short rows for the mouth, and knitting the hind legs like a boot. Look Ma, NO SEAMS!!

Another exchange I did was the Favorite Things Swap where I spoiled Wanda from the “Silly Sheep” blog. We had to send $15 worth of goodies that both pal and self would love. I sent over 4 skeins of a fabulous new linen/cotton/silk yarn that I bought during the WEBS Tent Sale since I have NOTHING in my crazy stash that is not “animal” fiber or a gift, a bag of Ghiradelli chocolates, a couple of stitch markers from Linda of Saratoga Llamas because my pal said she has never had any stitch markers (whoa — I am spoiled with my stash of markers), my favorite measuring cup (thanks to Alton Brown!), and a earth-friendly jigsaw puzzle that has a drawn rabbit for the artwork. Umm, how can a puzzle be earth-friendly? Because it is made of materials that can be planted into the ground. I have yet to hear from her since I sent the goodies over the past weekend, but I do know that she received it because I have tracking on the package. After realizing my little list for Wanda, I wonder what I will be getting… 🙂

My other exchange is the Ravelry Helpers Birthday Swap. Again the challenge is not to spend a lot of money — our budget is $20-25. Because I cannot show anything without divulging who my pal is, I must keep mum for now.
A special thank you
For those who are curious on how many I am currently making, I have 3 Clapotis on the needles, but only 2 of them have been photographed during their WIP-ing status. The orange one is a summertime “thank you” for another exchange, the little sage/black green one is a twist on the pattern to make a matching baby blanket for my cousin’s future daughter arriving in August, and the giant green/yellow one is a birthday present. After these Clapotis are done, I have to begin my sweater for Rhinebeck and the cabled v-neck pullover for my best bud in Virginia, Eric.
Courtney's b-day present
Now for the Secret Pal 12 “stuff” to do. First and foremost is my questionnaire which has its own dedicated page *HERE*. Next is the button that I am using. Can anyone guess what it is based on?
The final item is Shelby‘s hostess question for this week:
What is your favorite summertime drink?
Hmmm… That is a tough call because what I drink depends on my mood and the social situation. I love a good mojito, dessert wine in a chilled glass, bottled water, sweet tea, lemonade, and (as of late) Coke Zero.

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  1. I’m in SP12 too! And much for the same reasons, (well yeah the swapping is great!) but thought it’d get me back on the blogging bandwagon!

  2. The button ? Ryan Newman!
    Despite having 2 must finish WIP’s and too many UFO’s to mention, I cast on 2 more this week end. After reading this however, I think I’m frogging the baby blanket I started and will use a different yarn to make a Clapotis based blanket for a cousin that just had a little boy. Now I just have to add 48 more hours to my day to get it done. LOL

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