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I had the most the most incredulous reaction over my love for motorcycles and the wearing of ballcaps after chatting with an online bud. He had no idea what other topics I liked to discuss besides baseball and football. His response had me thinking on what 101 Things about myself I would share with the world. I am going to slowly create this list on its own dedicated page, but please note that it might take some time. So the first few items? Here goes…

001. I have a dangerous attraction to motorcycles and particularly to their owners
002. My favorite bikes are considered “old school” like the 1976 Ducati Diana
003. Not counting family members, my 2 best guy friends are Eric and Paul
004. Not surprisingly, both have had sport motorcycles for years
005. I absolutely adore both of them and trust them completely

Now for non-list other items about myself, I received my Boston Red Sox Good JuJu package and my Amazing Lace package. These two Ravelry-based swaps were pretty neat. I present the Red Sox package first since it arrived a couple of weeks ago.
Boston Red Sox Good JuJu Package
The wonderful Melissa sent me:
– a Red Sox girly-tee that says “What’s not to love here” under the logo.
– a milk chocolate lobster
– a tin of mints with a lobster on it
– a leather coaster from LL Bean
– a skein of Sugar ‘n’ Cream in yellow/white (may have to make a wash/dish cloth?) 🙂
The package's arrivalpaddingA prettily wrapped presentpaddingAmazing Lace Swap PackagepaddingSpilling the details!
As for the Amazing Lace Swap, I was spoiled with items that I have been pining for — namely a Sharon Miller pattern and merino to go with it. What I love most in the package was the time taken to make me a hand-made card. Just check out these details!
The yellow side of the bagpaddingThe green side of the bag

Big bunny hugs of thanks go out to these fabulous ladies for spoiling me! =:8

The purple laceweight and heavenly patternpaddingYankee Candle Melts and awesome wool washpaddingSharon Miller's merino laceweight

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  1. Hooray for swap presents! I like how your lace partner pointed out that you have a lot of yarn. 😉 Do you s’pose that’s the understatement of the year? 😀

  2. I like motorcycles too, although I can’t say I know as much about them as you do!! Wow! I’ll have to share your post with my husband, who is the motorcycle owner in our house. I ride with him sometimes, but we haven’t done any long trip. He actually needs to get a car for the winter now, as the motorcycle has been his main means of transportation for the past year or so. He takes the train to downtown Chicago for work now, and the station is only about a mile away and has dedicated motorcycle parking (that’s free!) so he’s been taking the bike there but now it’s getting colder out.

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