So close to finishing!

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Okay, I am not finished with my Clapotis, but I am veeeeeeery close! I do not want to whine and say I did not have enough time, and instead will use those setbacks as a lesson in knitting my projects up as fast as possible just in case. If you did not figure it out yet, I decided after much thought on what amount I had left versus the amount needed to make Linda’s mom’s Clapotis. The Olympic shawl won that battle of numbers with 625 yards to go instead of the 720 yards. AND I still have my FIL’s hat to do. Because of time restrictions, I opted to change his yarn to Mission Falls’ 1824 wool for the bottom of the hat and Mark & Kattens’ Feeling for the top.

Photos to come of the latest projects as soon as my camera battery is charged, I promise!! =:8

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