New Girl in Town

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Tuesday evening, Rich and I visited Pam, the Bunny-Whisperer, at Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue to see if we could find Caesar another buddy to hang out around the house. Rich and I went from stall to stall checking out the other rabbits, and debated who the contenders would be. Of course we first went for loveable Ferguson, who is a young friendly male that loves being coddled. And I was drawn to Sodapop’s (Flemish Giant mix) shy demeanor. We saw a few sweet girls, and played with the independent Lady Buttercup. Her regal aura reminded me of what Hayley could have been like in a couple of years — very energetic, always in the other bunnies’ faces, and taking command of her stall.

Wouldn’t you know the rabbit that Pam the Bun-Master picks is the one we took home? She was one of the Bonnie/Bunita bookends listed on Petfinder, and had lost her bondmate last week. Even though Caesar took her aggressive behavior at Sweet Binks so well that we were a bit dumbfounded, the honeymoon did not duplicate in the new living quarters. One bun would nip the other, the other would react and nip back, the first bun would nip back harder, and so on… No fur yet, but we do not want any blood or fluff drawn.
Livia is on the Right
Rich and I expected this situation, and for the time being we have our new girl in the cage (no name decided yet!) while Caesar stays in the pen. If I put both of them in the pen with me, they both eye each other, but both seem afraid to show their true feelings in front of me. I think they don’t want to freak me out and suffer the “Mom’s going to pick me up if I’m bad” reprimand.
Photo from Richie
Since the name that she came into Sweet Binks with her sister was one of “Bonnie and Bunita” we wanted a name that could be tied into Caesar’s. Rich, being the research hound he is, found out that Caesar’s first wife’s name was Livia, and that Caesar Augustus’ wife was Julia (she successfully ruled Rome after his death). “Livia” has me think of Olivia, but it is quite distinct; “Julia” almost looks like a pun of the duo. I really am not sure which name to choose! We have a photo of her on Rich’s site, and when I can find my camera, I will take a TON of photos of our new little girl. =:8

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  1. Oh! she is sooooo cute! Love all the freckles on her. Are they getting along better now that a few days have passed?

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