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Giving out Karma with Knitterly Things

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My apologies for not posting as planned. While I was at PetSmart on Tuesday evening, one of the cats went a little too close to my face. Usually the RI SPCA cats have a bit of dander so I try avoiding them. They are so friendly and cute, I just wish I could play with them like I play with the bunnies. Anyway, I must have breathed some dander into my lungs because ever since then my sinuses have been absolutely miserable. Fluid-wise I have been downing lots of Airbo*rne, orange juice, and cranberry juice. Today I worked from home, and after my 9AM-ET conference call, I ended up passing out from sheer exhaustion! When I woke up, it was 3:30PM. Yikes! I have bunny photos, but they need to be cropped and uploaded. Sorry again. 🙁

Speaking of bunnies, one of my blog pals is the wonderful Diva Kitty’s Mom at Diva Kitty and The Fluffies. DKM is the creator (or should I say creatress?) of the Secret Paws exchange and other cool things. Besides crocheting blankets and shawls, she makes some awesome vegetarian dishes. On July 15th, her Fiona Bun will be part of the Hop Out in San Francisco’s AIDS Walk. I hope some of you can click on this link and help Fiona Bun achieve her goal of $1000. In fact, anyone who donates (whether it be $5 or $100) is going to be part of a drawing to receive a nice goody package from me! Just be sure to put a comment on this post so I can tally everyone’s names. The prize will have yarn, a notion, something to read, something to eat, and something to drink. Hmmm… Yup, I love the incentive. 😉

Now for what I promised to write about in this post, my Knitters Treat Exchange package. I had outted (SP?) Dotty as my Spoiler/Treater and she did not disappoint at ALL. Since pictures speak louder than words, the linear montage speaks for itself as clear as a cloudless day.

Finally, the FO. Here is the Swallowtail Shawl all blocked and at the same place where I photographed Rasha’s Icarus Shawl. Hope you enjoy the photos! =:8

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  1. the shawl is gorgeous! good job.

    that is one fun filled package there, girly.

    hope you are feeling better too!

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