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Help!! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get out!

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I quick blurb while I attempt to finish the post I began 3 weeks ago… I have been doing a quite bit of work in both my career and Ravelry all the while trying to get my Clapotis finished for Rhinebeck this weekend.

Clapotis for Rhinebeck

There will be more news to come. In the meantime, here are some bunny photos to distract everyone. =:8

BethanyBingo the BullLittle Frisky BunnyBailey, my Clown

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  1. What day(s) are you going to be at Rhinebeck? I’ll be there on Saturday, with my “I’m a square” tote bag, and wearing Icarus or a rain poncho! Maybe we can get together at the blogger meetup.

  2. Love the colors in that Clapotis. Like Elizabeth, I’ll be at Rhinebeck on Saturday with Pea – and I’ll hopefully be wearing my Sunrise Circle if I can get it seamed in time. I’ll keep an eye out for you!!

  3. Okay I’m distracted. Cute bunnies! Wish I were going to Rhinebeck but I’m armed with good suggestions from Ravelers for my own trip…

  4. Hey, I’ve actually got yarn for you. I had a debacle with a T-shirt company that pretty much embezzled money from me for trying to order cute knitting shirts from them, and I think I haven’t sent you this yarn because of that. Should I bring it with me to Rhinebeck, or should I mail it?

  5. Busy busy busy…that’s what I’ve been lately too! (Hence why I’m always a day later with when I’m supposed to send a little note.) Things have definitely been crazy with work and grad school, plus going to Stitches East (had to fit that in to maintain my sanity) and a two day conference for a GRADE in grad school. Oh my… I hope to have another package ready to go before next week…I will let you know when it is on its way!

  6. I miss you when you’re busy but I do love the bunnies! 🙂

    Your clapotis is lovely, can’t wait to see it finished!

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