Struggling, Juggling

Posted on 27, June 2008 by

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Too many assignments to finish, too many projects to make, too many errands to run, too many posts to write, too many yarns to play with — not enough hours in the day. So goes life for most of us, eh? 🙂

In being frank, I do need to get a better handle on my spent time. I have been trying to reorganize my bedroom (Rich gets one, I get one, and we share the master) so that I can work out and knit upstairs in peace. I have a crunch appliance/tool/gizmo that my best-friend-in-RI let me have, a medium-sized Pilates ball, yoga mat, assorted sizes of weights, and now all I need is space to use it. I may have to tackle that bedroom on Sunday during the nice lovely weather that is hitting the area. I would tidy up tomorrow, but I am going to see Carol Sulcoski at WEBS for the signing of her co-authored “Knit So Fine” book. I also need to see if I can find more of a blue cotton/wool yarn for my friend of (GASP) 21 years, Eric. We dated for a bit during and years later after college, and are smart enough to know that we are better off as pals. When I asked if he would like a knitted item, he requested a cabled v-neck pullover. I finally found the yarn and have 3 patterns to decide upon. I am hoping to finish the sweater by Christmas. He is in great shape and could get away with a women’s design. Just thinking about the whole bit gives me shivers. =:8

Shelby‘s SP12 Question #3: *What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?*
Is she giving us tough ones to answer or what? Here is my short and sweet response…
*From the Ravelry Helpers Birthday Swap Questionnaire*
What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite color?
Some Bunny’s Love, I mean, Kimberly.
To acquire all the yarn in the world.
Ummm… Not neon?