I’m Still Excited – Knit Talk 2011/05/20

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Though STITCHES South has arrived and gone in full splendor, I keep grinning from ear to ear whenever I reminisce about my adventures in Atlanta. It was not just the main events that were wonderful, but the various people I had met who made my trip memorable. The best part is that I will be seeing many of them in the near future and will also be hanging out with them at STITCHES Midwest. Who am I talking about? The list is huge, but I will whittle it down to a few names…

Kristin and Marley
When I asked Marlaina, aka “Yarn Thing” and Creative Director of Bijou Basin Ranch, and designer extraordinaire Kristin Omdahl to be my celebrity judges for my latest Pajama Party, little did I know how much fun they would have!! Think I will be able to convince them to do it again?

Miss Babs and Lisa Souza goodness
Babs Ausherman and Lisa Souza are two ladies I love visiting not just for their yarns, but because they are just plain awesome. Curious about the yarns in the above photo? On the left are Babs’ “Yummy” Monochrome Sport in for a future pair of Lace Me up Kilt Hose (Ravelry link) from Think Outside the SOX and Lisa’s Cashmere/Silk Fingering in Wild Things for the Angelina top that Aimee Abernathy and I are making as a summer KAL to start next month.

Kimberly and Brooke Nico
Along with Franklin Habit, the talented Brooke Nico (she is the one who designed the incredible Daydreams in Lace coat from K100) makes her debut at STITCHES Midwest as an instructor. The photo above was from meeting her in person during CampKIP weekend.

TheaMidnight and SBL
And finally, one person I cannot wait to see again? My friend Thea who was my bunkmate during CampKIP and who helped me name my STITCHES South 2010 bunny Jeffrey. Hi Thea!!

Shannon making Benjamin blush
One memory I would love to duplicate again (but the dates will be off) is when Shannon Dunbabin of Cascade Yarns sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. XRX” to my boss, Benjamin Levisay at the Pajama Party.

Anna Walden, Gwen Bortner, and Laura Bryant
And who can forget the lovely Anna Walden, Gwen Bortner, and Laura Bryant?

These names are only the tip of the iceberg. Can you imagine what will be in store for my second STITCHES Midwest? So who’s excited with me???

Bunny hugs for now,
Kimberly =:8

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