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A little quickie for you guys… I am working (well, Rich is helping me out) on a logo for letterhead and a button for “Walk then Knit” night. The good news is now we are on the Garden City Shopping Center’s website for events. Soon enough we will be on Borders Books’ site also. And I really have been getting knitting done. Here is what was done over the weekend.

And what I have done as of today.

I know, some serious blocking is needed, but see? I still play with yarn!

Not sure if you all knew about the horrible rain we have been getting here in New England, but it has rained every day since last Tuesday. Today while driving home, the sun came out, and the clouds were full and fluffy. Even if it was only for a brief moment, Spring did arrive, and I have pictures to prove it. Sandy, I hope your sky was like mine today!

On a twisted funny note, Rich thought the following would be a nice joke to greet me when I wanted my weekend morning tea. Unfortunately, I only used the tea from the tea chest, and did not have any honey with it. Here is what Rich has been waiting for me to see. And feel free to click on the picture for the profile.
Bunny line up
Now don’t these guys look like a line up? Can you imagine the captions that could be created from these pictures? =:8

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  1. Kimberly, that blue sky was EARNED, don’t you think? And today already it’s looking FINE! (I hope it lasts!)
    Love your bunny line up! They look delicious, er, cute.

  2. Are ya sure it’s not “swim & Knit”? The headless bunny was quite funny. The Kimono (?) is looking good.

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