Feelin’ like a Sunday

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Because I had yesterday off for my FIL’s burial, Rich and I made today one of relaxation and laid-back fashion. Well, more like I did the relaxing part, since he worked on Squirrel Cart stuff. I worked on my kimono sweater for Per’s future daughter, Andrea. And after ripping it out a few times last night, I finally determined techniques for getting it to look the way it was supposed to with the Sugar ‘n’ Cream pink variegated yarn I had in my stash. So far, it looks pretty, and I hope to finish it this weekend. It will be my second third (See reason in next paragraph!) item for (drum roll, please)

I joined this knit-along to have fun with my stash diet, and my finished Clapotis for Beverly qualifies in the March category. Come to think of it, I finished my Giant CTH Clapotis on March 7th, so maybe that qualifies too? Here is a shot of them both. I will let you decide.

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  1. Not one but two Clapotis. Very wonderful. Still some cool weather left to enjoy wrapping yourself up in Clapotis!

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