Dead Broke but Still Excited

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Okay, the following paragraph was what I originally wrote for you. Since then, there have been a few adjustments to the schedule including that my server was down at Host Matters all morning, but I really didn’t want to rewrite the whole fargan thing. Why? The whole set of emotions that I was hoping for would have been lost. So here it is…

There is so much going on this weekend, I hardly know where to begin. First of all my SP8 package did come in so I will say “Yes, you will see it shortly!” Friday my company celebrated our 25th year anniversary by having upper management dishing out the picnic-style food under a set of giant white tents, running a repeating slideshow of our history, and our CEO will be giving one of his awesome inspirational speeches. Saturday, there is the Gaspee Days Parade at 10AM and the WW KIP Day in Waterplace Park’s Basin at 1PM. After that, I need to have my bags packed for the business trip to the Saint Louis facility. Finally I have to be at the airport by 7AM Sunday, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Whew! Lots of stuff going on.

Now the updates without the strikeouts…
Friday should have been a work holiday. I had a couple of “easy” bug fixes to work on and get pushed out. My weekly 10AM meeting should not involve my team for next week’s scheduled network/software updates. Our company cookout was to start at 11 and all work was supposed to stop for Rodger’s planned festivities. Well, the bug fixes were easy, but long and the test plan for one of them was really confusing. The 10AM meeting actually had items that could potentially affect my team’s application so I had to make sure my stuff would not break during next week’s internet updates. And since those items kept me busy, I only had enough time to grab a quick plate of food, say “Hello” to a few folks, and watch the brief slideshow. I was looking forward to Rodger’s speech. He is very inspirational and a brilliant speaker. Instead work got in the way, and I was put on camera (a co-worker told me an hour AFTER he set it up that I was on a test webcam for the whole company to see. AUGH!). 🙁

Second downer is the amount of rain we are getting AGAIN. I woke early this morning to more cold wet dampness. Rich and I debated on putting our chairs on the parade route, then figured that we could check before the 10AM start. The rain finally did stop, but it stopped about half an hour into the parade. At that point, I had let the bunny children out, brought Julius up for a visit to see Rich in bed, and continued packing for Saint Louis.

Right now it is 1PM, and I am getting ready to go celebrate WW KIP Day in Providence. I know it is wet and nasty, but I plan to go ahead and sit in the Waterplace Park Basin and take lots of pictures. I have a nice picnic set (blanket and backpack) that Rich’s cousin gave to us as a wedding present so I’ll stash my food and drink in there. Maybe I can stop by “A Stitch Above” and see if the store is worth a review. Maybe I will just shirk the rain and knit inside the neighboring Borders at Providence Place mall. Maybe I will take the drive to Bella Yarns and meet the owner Kim. Lots of maybes to check out! And wish me luck in staying dry…

Oh and I will attempt to type up the SP8 Package entry while at KIP too!! =:8

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  1. Sorry it’s so rainy! I bet you’ll have hot and sunny weather in St. Louis – at least that’s what it’s like in Spfd MO these days!

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