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Huge thanks to those who contacted me on my last post. Much debate took place in my head on whether or not to share the entry. Sometimes I am afraid of what folks might think of my feelings and thoughts. Then again, those folks who read my little blog are friends, and friends may not understand but are always supportive. Right? 🙂
RyanG's Baby Blanket
There has been some major bunny dancing over at Some Bunny’s home — so much that the little warren has been thumping disapproval of the interruption to the usual daily routine. Needless to say I am quite happy (or should I say hoppy?) that my Daddy’s black Koolhaas is done. It only was due on Christmas Day… Or that the Jeanie scarf that Kelly had commissioned is finally completed. I surprised her by presenting it as a “congratulations on the new job” gift. Then there was RyanG’s very overdue baby blanket which I planned to give him at least a month ago. I had decided that with three little girls in his house, he did not need any more pink against him. 😉 Finally to help alleviate my need for a quick FO (finished object), I had busted out some blanket squares for charity. There was the 8×8-inch square for Ta2edL8bug, and also the QTY(4) little 4×4-inch squares for Alison Pearson Hyde.
Kelly's Jeanie ScarfpaddingKelly's Jeanie Scarf
Now that I have some FOs under my belt, I figured it was a time to initiate a new project as a WIP. Here are the current contenders for my attention in order of “most easily doable” to “I am crazy”:
Wisteria by Kate Gilbert (contemplating adding a hood)
Vivian by Ysolda Teague
Sylvi by Mari Muinonen
Bias Fair Isle Pullover by Teva Durham from her Loop-d-Loop book
(Ms. Marnie‘s incredible piece is to what I linked)
Tempest by Ann Weaver (adding hood)
Lace Edged Raglan by Carol J. Sulcoski from the “Knit So Fine, Designs with Skinny Yarn” book (adding hood)
The Adult Tomten Jacket by Jared Flood which is an adaption of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s baby hoodie

For those who noticed the theme, my response is “Yes, I love wearing sweatshirt hoodies.” I also am fond of wearing athletic bottoms (rugby shorts, sweatpants or yoga pants) as much as I love wearing my skirts and boots. Since I do not have any hooded sweaters, the obsession of making one for myself has entered my mind since I started knitting four (oh my gosh, FOUR?) years ago. Now I need to make a couple of decisions.
Malabrigo Worsted - StonechatpaddingLouet Riverstone Bulky in PurplepaddingBriggs & Little Atlantic in Red HeatherpaddingClassic Elite Yarns Posh
Do I make the top-listed Wisteria? If so, should I add a hood? If I add a hood, what yarn in my stash do I use? Ahhhh… What lusty choices do I pick from my stash? The beautiful Noro Silk Garden in #31? How about the buttery soft Malabrigo Worsted in Rhodesian or Stonechat? Maybe I should knit up Vivian with the sturdy Louet Riverstone Bulky in Purple? For Sylvi, the fact that I have 12 skeins of the “pattern’s called for” yarn is THE only option in my book. Or should I be decadent and use up the Classic Elite Posh for the Bias Fair Isle Pullover? Just imagining myself wearing that pullover in the cashmere/silk yarn makes me tingle. It would feel as if I were wrapped in freshly whipped cream!
Yarntini Happy Hour Sock Club in Mint ChocolatinipaddingEnchanted Knoll Farm Silk/Merino DK in Jade
Tempest screams Jessie‘s Yarntini Fingering Weight Mint Chocolatini to me, and I am looking forward to casting that on my needles soon. As for Carol’s pullover that graces the “Knit So Fine” book cover? I hear both the Brooks Farm’s Harmony and Duet yarns both squealing, “BAY-BEE!! Pick ME.” During all the yarns’ shouting to be knit, Jared’s jacket begs to be made with J‘s Enchanted Knoll Farm DK Silk/Merino in Jade.
Jaderic's Ultimate Gift
(sigh) Time to think more on what to select. Yes I know I still have Eric’s “Ultimate Gift” cabled pullover to finish from the Ravelympics, but that will either be frogged or recalculated because he would love the sleeves to have the same cable pattern as the front. The biggest trick will be finding some “insurance yarn” if the 18 skeins I bought from Vicki at Island Yarn Company in Waltham might not be enough. Meanwhile, I had tried asking Augustus “Gloop” Caesar for his opinion, and all he did was stare back at me as if I am nuts for even bothering him with such rubbish. Looks like he just wants more hay. =:8

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  1. I want a Vivian in the Louet Bulky. That would be wondermous. I think you should just spend an evening swatching all the yarns and then the one that runs away with your fancy can be the next project to knit.

  2. Now you *know* I’m gonna vote for the Bias Fair Isle Pullover! (it’ll be Rhinebeck time AGAIN before you know it 😉 )

  3. Gorgeous white bun. I really want one like that. Absolutely gorgeous. Your pictures are always so beautiful … even when not of bunnies.

    p.s. Your WIP’s look far better than any of my even so-called attempts at WIP’s. I’m more of a crocheter, and even with that these days, I have not yet completed anything. It is getting depressing. I need to get back on track, and I’m hoping this spring to make that happen. 🙂

    You are an inspiration.

    *bunny hugs*

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