Tense Remembrance

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With all the fun events of STITCHES Midwest to happen, there was one spontaneous one that will forever bring a smile to my face. When I joined the rest of the teachers after being called up on stage at the Student Teacher Banquet, I smiled in anticipation on what would be a surprise for them.

Two days before the teacher/student banquet, members of the XRX staff (myself included) furiously stuffed large shopping bags with goodies that oodles of manufacturers sent for each instructor. Knowing that I was also listed as a teacher, I jokingly said to Molly, “I’ll be getting one of these bags, right?” To which she replied, “Um, no. You weren’t counted.” I did my best to hide my disappointment, but was glad that the other instructors were thought of.

So you can imagine my stunned facial expression when I was handed a bag from Molly as the instructors were given theirs. She laughed at my stunned look and said that one of the bags was short a few things, so she decided that one was okay for me to take. Honestly, just being acknowledged as an instructor was fine by me. Looking back now, I guess I should have been upset because of how I was being treated. Sometimes you just can’t give a damn and must keep your mouth shut in order to keep your sanity (and job).

Has that ever happened to you?
How did you react?

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