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Reflection for a Privacy Revamp

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**I cannot believe that a month THREE MONTHS have sprinted by me again. As much as I love setting deadlines, to quote roughly of Erma Bombeck, “They just whoosh on by.”**

During those three months, a few wonderful events occurred, and I will be writing them as backtracks in the upcoming month. Also during that time, I have been reflecting on what topics to write and where to post them. Since the KniTalk community is no longer part of Knitting Universe, it only seems fair to rewrite my adventures from 2010 on so that those friends who were mentioned are never forgotten; and to share some wonderful experiences and products which I still enjoy. But, in deciding to write these old and new adventures, I realized that personal life privacy became a twisted issue for my family. As much as BFF enjoys participating in the fibery art events, he appreciates the crafts more when we spend time together at home spinning and knitting than out in various groups. Note that there are specific groups he misses seeing on a regular basis, but distance and time are preventing factors.

So hence my dilemma: What should I do to fence in my privacy? I have been culling my Twitter account to maintain 2K followers. The number used to be much more, but the idea of having vast amounts of people following what I say sometimes scares me. On my Facebook page I screen every friend request and assign each one to an appropriate group such as “Fiber-Rav Pals” or “Family” ones. A select number of these friends have shown interest in SlytherBun, so they also get to see her photos which I post weekly. I enjoy that Ravelry offers a form of privacy in which a person must be a member of that website in order to see my activity. My Flickr Photostream lets me determine what photos can be seen by the public, friends, family, or myself while my YouTube channel gives me a similar control on what videos I uploaded. Meanwhile, there is fast-paced Pinterest, one of my favorite online worlds where I can lose my mind to the rabbit holes of creativity and ingenuity. I do have a couple of private boards where I want to test a few items before pinning them publicly. Am I one of the few who does “quality checking” on pin results/products?

After analyzing all of these online information outlets for my thoughts and life, I decided to post the future photos of SlytherBun on certain Facebook and Google+ sections for my interested friends and family. And speaking of my daughter, she turned six months-old this past Sunday. It only seemed like yesterday when I was newly pregnant with her and debating on how to announce her upcoming birth. So to keep you entertained until the next time I write, here is a sweet photo of her favorite past time, bouncing and hopping in her saucer… =:8

SlytherBun hopping in her bouncer
SlytherBun hopping in her bouncer

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  1. I hope I get to stay in your FB friend status.. would really miss seeing the photos of sweet sweet SlytherBun!
    Plus, I think you’re pretty fabulous too. 😉

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