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Care in Pure Charity

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A week ago I was looking for donations of yarn, needles, and notions towards a charity event (see my last blog entry) in which absolutely no profit is made. I am pleased to announce that the owner of Kollage Yarns, Susan Moraca, is donating all the yarn. Her generosity is not going to be unnoticed, and I want everybunny around the world to hear how her gesture is a great example of one of “My 3 Words” for 2010 — CARE.

Inspired by Justin Steinman’s recent blog post, I must admit that I needed to take my reins back into possession and have done it close to ten days time. So for a slight moment I am popping up out from my rabbit hole to catch a breath of the gorgeous warm air that enveloped Blacksburg this past weekend. Spring became my favorite season back in 1999 when I walked away from a bad beginning to create a better life for myself. I hope others will do the same when the opportunity knocks.

Currently I have been involved in a quick and fast move of events. In ten days’ time I have gone from a car accident, to changing where I work locally, to moving into new living quarters. If anybunny ever wants to visit little me in the New River Valley area of Virginia Tech, I can be found volunteering at the Main Lee Art Gallery instead of the LYS. Being there with the artists and their clients gives me a vibrant glow, and I also will be assisting them in their social media areas pro bono. See you there or at the London Underground Pub! =:8

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  1. Oh Kimberly! I didn’t know you were in a car accident. I’m so sorry. I hope you’re doing Ok. I’m sorry someone sent you nasty PMs. That stinks. *love to you*

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