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Sometimes, there is important news to share. To me, this item is that on Tuesday, March 23rd at 13:05-ET, my beloved Augustus “Gloop” Caesar died in my arms after succumbing to a destructive sickness he had. His half-sister Hayley had similarly left me in February of 2006. My screams of panic were amidst with tears as I held her dying body in my arms. I was determined not to do the same with Caesar. When I found him in the kitchen on his side, I called his name again in panic. He looked at me as if in relief in seeing me. I immediately picked him up and held him close as if he were the baby bunny I had rescued almost 6 years ago from a backyard breeder one month before Richie and I married.
Big Sister Hayley and Baby Brother Caesar
I started bathing him as I have in the past few months, but he lifted his head as if to ask, “Mommy, do I really have to get a bath?” Tearfully smiling and kissing his forehead, I told him “No, my Baby. You don’t have to get one.” He then half-closed his eyes and sighed. We snuggled together and I sang to him like I always do. Repeatedly I kissed his forehead and told him how much I loved him — that he was my favorite above everybunny.
Caesar in naptime
Yes, I know I am not supposed to have a favorite child, but out of the 7 rabbits that I rescued that day, Caesar was my Baby. I even remember the time when he sprayed/marked me — rabbit speak for “You are MINE!” It was early in the morning and I was about to leave for work. I was covered from head to toe so I had to re-shower and find other clothes to wear. Coming back down the stairs I said to Caesar, “Dude. Little do you know that you are getting neutered in 2 days. You are sooooo lucky to get that out of your system NOW!” He cocked his head to the side and looked at me with that sweet face of his as if to say, “But I love you.”
How Caesar greets me in the morning
There is so much I could ramble about my Baby. He knew his name and would come when called. Most of the time he had a huge appetite and loved food. He would beg for whatever was being eaten or drunk. If he liked what he smelled in the air, he would leap onto our laps to get at the item — even meat. I had caught him multiple times on the couch to reach a table or desk to drink out of a glass containing beer, wine, soda, and tea. He would willingly leap back and forth from the couch, to the ottoman, then to the overstuffed chair — all for treats. He whimpered like a puppy when picked up. He snored in his sleep so loudly that I could hear him from the other side of our home. He had helicopter ears that would move forward when he was interested and make him look like a bull about to charge.
Augustus "Gloop" Caesar - Rolls?  Diet?  NOT!
He was My Little Love, and I have been terribly missing him since his spirit left me. My one consolation is that his ashes are coming back to me on Monday, the 29th April 5th, the day after Easter and the week when I rescued him and his siblings. I have no idea how I am going to react when I get them. All I know is that when I see the Wisteria I wore as he died, when I see the Clapotis I wrapped his body in to take to the animal hospital, I hope he knew how much I loved him. I cannot wait to see him at the Rainbow Bridge. =:8
Caesar Crashing

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